Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Many Feathers

So Many Feathers (Part One)

I realized I didn't mention the earrings I was wearing in the last post, and they deserve to be mentioned. These, no doubt, you've seen before. How could you not?! They're all over the feeds because they're amazing. Creator Ekilem Melodie hit the jackpot with these earrings. I'm waiting for more colours to come out... cough cough lol. 'Til then I'll settle for the three colours available and the tons and tons of bangles.

Also, I wanted another opportunity to show off these sandals from Maitreya as I didn't do them justice. They really are a great show. Most people are a little hesitant spending 700$L plus on a pair of shoes, but I'm telling you it's worth it. They really can go with anything. There are many different colours available. I might just go and grab another colour myself!

So Many Feathers (Part Two)

This shirt is from C'est Moi! and new. Comes in many different colours. I love the prim sleeves. It gives this tee a great breezy feelings. I'm also so excited about this group gift form Willow. This necklace is great and was a perfect fit for my feather theme.

Skin from dUTCH tOUCH - Megan - Fudge
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Imperial Purple
Hair from Damselfly - Morrisania - Brown Mocha Splash
Earrings from M O N S - Feather Earrings - Green
Necklace from Willow - Dream Catcher Necklace (GROUP GIFT)
Bracelets from M O N S - Big Bangle - Dore&Green & Metal Bangle - Silvermix
Shirt from C'est Moi! - tshirt somanyfeathers - white
Pants from Fishy Strawberry - Billy Denim Shorts - Garage
Shoes from Maitreya Gold - Flip Flop - Breeze
Poses from Glitterati - Model Packs

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I was waiting...

When I got this awesome dress during a hunt I had a hunch that Chloe Platini of Bebe Doll would be releasing the full line up. Indeed she did. These dresses are being added to her summer collection already out at the store. If you've never shopped at BeBe Doll, then you're in for a treat.


Wearing the new hair form CaTwA because I realize I wasn't wearing the hair base in my other post. Toss me some awesome points (shakes head). So, here they are again. I'm really liking this pony.

These shoes are a group gift!!!!!! I had a tad bit of trouble matching skin tones but I'm beginning to think it's because I suck at it. lol. There are black & brown versions available for free as long as your belong to the group. Pretty good deal! ;)


Skin from CandyDoll - Tami - Tan
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Imperial Purple
Hair from CaTwA - Salwa V2 - Blondy (worn w/ hairbase)
Dress from BeBe Doll - Printed Beach Dress - Pink&Cyan Mix, Pink&Geen Mix,
Yellow&Purple Mix
Earrings from M O N S - Feather Earrings - Green
Bracelets from M O N S - Big Bangle - Dore&Fur & Metal Bangle - Silvermix
Necklace from MOOD - Fly Away Necklace (TOSLH)
Shoes from GABRIEL - Gladiator Sandals - Black (GROUP GIFT)


Also, I'm wearing Tami from CandyDoll. You might recognize her from Chic Limited. Well, she's be released with some major upgrades!! You get one makeup style but seven different lipsticks. The skin comes with blonde and black hair base options as well has four breast sizes.

Of course I'm wearing FASHIM eyes. These are my new favourite!!! I cannot take them off. If you don't own a pair, then you're missing out. I'm showing off this purple colour. Normally I don't wear purple, but I love the way these looked, so natural.


Skin from CandyDoll - Tami - Tan
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Imperial Purple
Hair from CaTwA - Leana - DarkAshBlondy (worn w/ hairbase)
Hair bow from Magika - Kawaii Bow (Group gift)
Dress from BeBe Doll - Coral/Yellow & Pink/BBlue
Bracelets from M O N S - Oval Bangle - Brown & Metal Bangle - Silvermix
Necklace from MOOD - Fly Away Necklace (TOSLH)
Shoes from Angel - A.C.T Black Leather Boot (NEW)
Poses from Glitterati - Model Packs

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Fama (Part Two)

NEW!!!! Very excited to show you some new stuff on the grid.
CandyDoll just released new clothing starting with these super cute capri jeans. They're a lighter wash but perfect for the summer. The jeans look awesome with the new swim suits too. Super cute!!!! I think my favourite is the girly bathing suit. I really like the cut of it. These are def a must have if you're a bikini lover like me. ;)

Fama (Part Three)

These are two new hairstyles from CaTwA. They're called Lena and Salwa. Salwa comes in two versions. Try a demo!!!! I'm wearing eyes from FASHISM again. I'm totally addicted.

These shoes from Maitreya are... well... perfect! They're so well sculpted and textured. I had a little trouble matching my skin but it's because I didn't have time. I plan to wear these again and show off just how amazing they are!!!!!!!

Fama (Part One)

Skin from CandyDoll - Christian - Tan - Nautral
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Celtic Green
Earrings from bellballs - My Bow Earrings - Black
Necklace & Bracelet from miel - FRIENDO
Hair from CaTwA - Leana Hair - DarkAshBlondy (NEW)
Hair from CaTwA - Salwa Hair - Champagne (NEW)
Bikini from CandyDoll - F A M A - Gray, Margareta, Baby Blue (NEW)
Swimsuit & bow from CandyDoll - Girly Swimwear (NEW)
Jeans from CandyDoll - T.B Jeans - Dark (NEW)
Belt from N-Core - Braided Belt - Silver
Shoes from Maitreya Gold - Flip-Flips - Breeze (NEW)

This counts

Treasure(Part One)
WOOHOO! It's my 50th post! Which is a pretty big deal to me because it represents commitment.

So much to talk about in this post. I'll start off with this beautiful skin from Mamboo Chic called Bell. Good news is that Bell is stunning. I really love the shape of the nose and the way the eyes are done. Bad news is that Bell isn't out, quite yet. But, she will be soooooon! Mamboo Chic does have a group that you can join for the latest releases and for group discounted skin. Go to the main store to check it out!

The hair is brand new from Angel Hair. Wow oh wow is Angel Hair putting out some awesome hair. Demos are available at the main store and satellite store.

Treasure(Part Two)

I wanted to make a point of drawing attention to these eyes from FASHISM by Ikon Innovia. They are so detailed. I am showing you the Blue Fat Pack. I like literally every variation of the blue. These eyes are a MUST HAVE!!!!!

Treasure(Part Four)

I'm wearing this fabulous new top from Nemesis called Treasure Top. I'm showing the three different colours. I really love this top. I like the design on the front, it's not too busy but gives the shirt just the right amount of POP!

Treasure(Part Three)

Skin from Mamboo Chic - Bell - Hot Beauty (Coming Soon)
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Blue Fatpack
Hair from Angel Hair - Helen - Cococa
Earrings from erratic - Hoop earrings - Silver
Top from Nemesis - Treasure Top - Black, Peony & White
Bracelet (R) from Nemesis - Isle bangle - black
Bracelet (L) from MOOD - d'Jango Silver - Skinny Stack
Nails & Rings from Zarra Prim Nail - LOVE BUGS - natural
Pants from Indyra Originals - J'aime Ultra Low-Rise - Dark Blue Wash
Belt from Indy&Co - Marina Belt - Silver
Shoes from TokiD - le ballerina shines - grey

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is it Hair Fair time yet?

Hair Fair Demo Group

Well, not quite yet... but it's coming real soon! I hope you're as excited as I am. This is another one of my all time favourite events. I've saved my lindens for this one! haha. If you're like me and you want to know what's going to be available then it's probably a good idea to join the demo group. It gives you the opportunity to try out hairs before you get into the fair. It's a way to make your shopping experience more efficient. Join the group by copying and pasting this in world ->


If you want to stay up to date on all the news make sure you check out the Hair Fair Blog.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dress me up!

DressMeUp (ALL)

My friend and I were discussing why we liked SL the other day. We both came to the conclusion it's because of the shopping. It's like we're little girls again, playing dress up with our Barbies. Except this time we get to customize EVERYTHING! The clothes, shoes and accessories are a thousand times better.

I wanted to show off a lot. Each of these outfits features a new-ish piece from a fabulous designer. I was eager to share it.

I really have to say that I'm a bargain shopper. Every blogger knows that this isn't a cheap hobby. It's expensive keeping up with the latest trends. So, needless to say when I see a sale I run!! For that reason I'm a huge fan of hunts, TFG, TDR, FLF, SBS and Lazy Sunday. If I failed to mention any, my bad!

DressMeUp (Part One)

New stuff at TFG! Woohoo! I'm always a happy girl when I get that notice. I grabbed this skin and these rocking earrings. The earrings come with three different versions, which is a great deal at only 70L$. I am wearing the new top and shoes from G-Field. Both are terrific. I really loved the boots. The skirt from Nyte N' Day is also new!!!

Hair from Dura - Girl 21 - Dark Brown
Skin from Al Vulo - Bitu - Paradise Bird - Bronze (TFG)
Earrings from croire - boho beaded earrings - Carnivale (TFG)
Bracelet from Ticky Tacky - Gold Bangles - Antique Lace
Shirt from G-Field - Lace Tops Lucy - Ivory (NEW)
Skirt from Nyte'N'Day - Mani Mini Skirt - Earthy (NEW)
Shoes from G-Field - Open Boots - Vilda -brown (NEW)

DressMeUp (Part Two)

BRAND NEW hair from Angel Hair. It's super cute and I especially love the way it looks with this headband from Elate! The dress and eye make up were part of a limited edition AddiCt did. I'm not sure if there are still available... I'm sorry :( Wearing the Apple skin from Rockberry again, because it's soooo lovely!!!

Hair from Angel - Nina - Gold (NEW)
Skin from ROCKBERRY - Apple A - Natural
Headband from Elate! - Silk Bow Headband (GROUP GIFT)
Watch from MIEL - Troupe Watch - Nautral
Dress & Makeup from AddiCt - Luna Dress - Giraffe (LIMITED)
Shoes from [PM] Pixel Mode - Baby T's - Plain - Blood

DressMeUp (Part Three)

This [e] gift is great! I've mentioned the VIP group before. It's totally worth the joining fee as you get outstanding gifts. Thank you so much E!!!
I wanted to make a point of mentioning a new (to me) store called "Nemesis". I'm wearing accessories from there. I will be showing off some clothing in the posts to come. I really loved everything at this store. I came across it while doing the TOSL hunt. If you haven't been then I suggest you take a look. ;)
Of course the new dress from LeLutka is stunning. It's the second part of the summer collection and just as amazing as the first release.

Hair from [e] - Again 2 - Brown (VIP GIFT)
Skin from YS&YS - Megan Skin (Group Gift)
Earrings from Nemesis - Angel earrings - bronze (NEW)
Bracelet from Nemesis - Hot bangles - white (NEW)
Dress from LeLutka - ANNA dress - oli
Shoes from ! haut.monde - Bilson Wedges - Coral Rose

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bubblegum & Beachwear


Gogo posted about a challenge on her blog - read here. Basically, she's really digging unnatural hair colours lately. She's encouraging everyone to wear their favourite bubblegum colours on Saturdays and Sundays! This is a great, and really fun idea. Thanks Gogo!

Bubble Gum + RMA

Wanted to let you know about a few things. First of all I'm wearing the great new Rock Me Amadeus Beachwear Collection. The swimwear is really egdy and features loads of different patterns and designs. And they're all only L$150 each. Available at Rock Me Amadeus Mainstore. Wearing this rockin' skirt from MALT. I love the texture on this skirt, it was a perfect match for the bubblegum theme! The great thing about this skirt is that you can really dress it up and make it an evening outfit, or throw it on during the day. It's got a lot of versatility.

RMA - Pink ZebraRMA - Teal

Wearing this lovely skin from Rockberry. It's the first time I've gotten a skin from there and I have to say I'm super impressed. I love the way the facial features look on my shape. I plan to show Apple off a little better in the next week. 'Til then, go down and try the demo for yourself!

RMA - PeachRMA - Red Zebra

Also, there is a 50% off sale at Bellballs. I picked up tons of stuff. I might have gone a bit overboard, so be prepared to see a lot of Bellballs stuff. (lol). If you really want to add to your jewelry collection now is the time. Don't miss out on this awesome sale.

RMA - Snake

One of the great hunts on the grid right now is the Taste of Second Life Hunt. 70 different creators have been kind enough to put out hunt freebies. Make sure you do this hunt as there are tons and tons of great things. I'll be featuring some of them on my blog in the next few days.

Hair from Exile - Nomi - Wildcards (NEW)
Skin from ROCKBERRY - Apple F - Natural
Earrings from bellballs - My Bow Earrings- White
Necklace from EY:NO - Flower Necklace - orange
Bracelet from U&R DOGS - Mathis Bracelet Silver (TOSLH)
Sunglasses from CandyDoll - Bow Glasses (TOSLH)
Shirt from Kyoot - Last Thread Tank - Blue (FREEBIE)
Bikini from RMA - Rio - Snake
Skirt from MALT - Hanky Hem Skirt - FairyFloss
Shoes from Elate! - Theia Sandal - Ivory
Bag from COCO - Clear Tote Bag - Pink (group gift)

Friday, June 17, 2011

All around town!

Picture taken at Ville Franche

So, these shoes and this dress are EVERYWHERE! I always buy stuff with the intention of showing it right away, but then I get sidetrack. By the time I actually get around to posting it I've seen it on ten other blogs in the same colour. lol. Just my luck! However, it's not going to stop me from blogging this outfit because I really like all of the pieces.


Poses from TeaSoup
Skin from CandyDoll - Alizee - Smokey Black - Tan
Hair from !lamb - Honey - Snickers
Earrings from TFG - Gift Group 10th Edition
Necklace from bellballs - Unlock My Heart - Gold
Bangles from Dark Mouse - Waves & Sun Bangles
Dress from MichaMi - Vee - Agave
Jacket from LeLutka - My Way Jacket - light
Ring from Shade Throne - CROSS PIECE RING (Group Gift)
Shoes from LeLutka - Mischa - Tan

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Alizee - Full Bright

NEW!!!! skin is out at CandyDoll called Alizee. She is supa' sexy! Add it to my list of skins that I love from CandyDoll (lol). I'm pretty sure I'm going to be wearing Alizee for a while. I really love the the detail in the body. I especially love how the hips and the back look. Also, there is a little beauty mark on the edge of the collar bone - yeeesh so sexy! She's zesty and sultry and everything I want in a skin. All of Rebeca Dembo's skins are sexy, done right!


This skin comes with 3 cup size tattoo optons and 8 lipstick options. Tone fatpacks include blond and black hair-bases with 6 makeup options. The makeup options are below:

Alizee - Make Ups
Smokey, Pink, Natural, Lila, Green and Blue

Skin from CandyDoll - Alizee - Tan
Lingerie from CandyDoll - Lazy Lingerie - Blue
Hair from DURA - Hair 01 - Type2 - Brown
Earrings from TFG - Gift Group 10th Edition
Ring from Shade Throne - Cross Piece Ring (Group Gift)
Shoes from vive9 - Pelaje Pumps - Sky
Poses from .Tea

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tropic Bebe

I'm featuring this amazing hunt gift from BeBe Doll for the Taste of Second Life Hunt. The hunts starts June 15th and ends July 15th. Make sure you're checking out the feeds to see all the great stuff available.

Tropic Bebe

I really love this dress. It's perfect for the beach or to dress up. The colors are fantastic. And c'mon - it's a great hunt item!!!! Head down to BeBe Doll to get yours!!

Hair from Angel - Amy - Cocoa
Dress from *BD* Printed Beach Dress - Tropic (ToSL Hunt)
Skin from CandyDoll - Alizee - Smokey - Tan (NEW!)
Necklace from BB - Shell Necklace (Xmas gift)
Bracelet from erratic - cuff - gold
Shoes from LeLutka -MISCHA - Tan (NEW!)
Poses from .Tea - Can you digg it (set)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I feel stupid and contagious

Grunge Love

Remember grunge? It was that time when music became distorted and punkie. Whenever that word comes up my mind goes directly to music. Perhaps because that era of fashion was sorta ignored and forgotten about as it's considered a mishap in fashion. But, it was a time when being unkempt and grungy was hot. LOL.

I wasn't old enough to really appreciate the grunge era but looking back I can def say "whoa". Gotta miss those plaid shirts wrapped around the waist and ripped, baggy jeans. I don't think I could have ever been a success grunge dresser. Although, I really wish I'd been a Nirvana child.

I decided to make an attempt at a grunge look. And I know, it's not very grungy! What can I say?! I'm featuring a few projects from the Grunge Soul Project. I picked up this outfit and a skin. The skin is from CandyDoll and only 100L$!!!!!! This event is going to be happening for the next two - three weeks so make sure you go for a visit before all these grunge goodies are gone.


Poses from Nox. - THis is a shark attack & Supastylin
Hair from TRUTH - Christina - chocolate
Tats from milfy - Luv (sic) 2
Skin from CandyDoll - Alizee (GSP) - only 100L$
Lip ring from (Medley) - Shadow Piercings - LipRing L
Skirt & Top from [S] - IluvNy outfit (GSP)
Tights from MuNiQuE - Hole Leggins Black (GSP)
Shoes from League - Shin Boots

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer heat upon my skin


Elephant from Magnifique - Elephant Pose Prop (Only 99L)


Have you seen the new summer collection at LeLutka? It's absolutely stunning and completely flawless. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to get there and go shopping. I love literally every single piece. I wanted it all.


I picked up three different outfits that I had to share with you. Make sure you go and get some trendy safari gear yourselves. It's so classy and perfect for the summer.


Hair from TRUTH - Lucia - mocha
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette - Tan (Ch1c)
Glasses from artilleri - Clubmaster sunglasses - brown
Necklace from TFG - Anchor Necklace Exclusive Item
Earrings from TFG - Gift Group 10th Edition
Jacket from [LeLutka] - MY WAY jacket - light
Shirt from Gigi Couture - Plain White Tank
Shorts from [LeLutka] -SAFARI pants - sand
Shoes from Kookie - Armarda Long - Rusty Brown


Hair from booN - KED937 hair - brown (Hairbase is separate)
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette - Tan (Ch1c)
Earrings from Dark Mouse - Belle Epoque Earring - Copper
Bracelet (L) from MIEL - TROUPE WATCH - natural
Bracelet (R) from TDR special Big Bracelet - Browns
Outfit from [LeLutka] - JUMP suit - smoothe
Shoes from Kookie - Yannis - Pebble


Hair from [e] - Rhythm - Brown 09
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette - Tan (Ch1c)
Earrings from Plume - Tribue - Brown
Necklace from Apple May Designs - Pebbles & Dreams Necklace
**Available ONLY at the Chic Boutique Venue**
Bangles from Dark Mouse - Waves & Sun Bangles
Shirt from [LeLutka] -CUTE top - bisque
Shorts from [LeLutka] - YoHo shorts - indigo
Shoes from [Gos] - Pimp Your Pumps - Point Platform


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Green with envy!


Just went for a visit to TFG! and ooooh so many great things. I got this dress and earrings. They matched so well. Was it planned? lol. Also, a huge fan of this new shoe from SLINK! They're to die for! Absolutely amazing! I really want another pair... frig my shopping habits are going to be the death of me.

P.s. did i tell you... I finally got into the Elikatira VIP group!!!!!!!! It was closed for a whole but you can join for 250L$. I don't know how long it's going to last for, so do it NOW! You won't regret it. I was so depressed I couldn't get in and I was shocked to see it open again.


Poses from Apple Spice, & [ILAYA]
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette - Tan (Ch1c)
Eyeshadow from L.Fauna - Cat Liner
Lashes from {Cara Bella} Flare Lashes
Hair from CaTwA - Jawa V1&V2 HairStyle - Espresso
Earrings from NHA! - Earring Lucy (TFG)
Bracelet from erratic - cuff - gold
Dress from ISON - structured halter dress (emerald) (TFG)
Shoes from Slink - Lulu Stilettos - Metallic Gold


It's Friday... finally. (lol) I shouldn't complain as this week went by pretty quickly for me. I always look forward to Friday because of FLFs. Pretty good stuff for pretty cheap. You cannot go wrong. I'm only covering one item tonight as I didn't have time for more. But, if you're looking for an overview of FLF items available, check out The Rumor - - > click here.

An amazing deal on the grid is this skin from Mamboo Chic for only 10L$ - jaw drop! I saw some really nice skins there so I will be back and I will be blogging about them. Until then make sure you head down there and get this great gift and check out some of the lovely skins available.


Brand new stuff out at Dark Mouse. Loads and load of options for different sets. I really liked the Waves & Sun set because of the layered necklace and bangles. There are tons of other new releases too!!!

Featuring a new hair place I've come across called Me. I found a few really cute hairstyles that I wanted to show off in this blog. I really liked the designs of these hairs. They come with a colour changing hud so you can have highlights in the hair and make it look really unique.


Poses from LAP and Exposeur
Hair from [Me.] Michele - everything (colour HUD)
Hair from [Me.] Penelope - everything (colour HUD)
Skin from (Mamboo Chic) - Sarah.Gloss Beauty - ONLY 10L$
Jewelry from Dark Mouse - Waves & Sun (NEW)
Dress from This is a Fawn - Linen Dress - teal (FLF)
Shoes from *GF* - Short Western Boots - brown
Bag from *LpD* - I love vintage - Bag Blue (Short Handle)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Addicted to love

Your mind is not your own
Your hear sweats, your body shakes
Another kiss is what it takes
Lyrics from Addicted to love

Addicted to love

Picture taken at NOTsoBAD - Maria Hacienda - Borne
Poses from Oomph! Poses - I'm not your kitten - 01 & Flirty Girl - 01

Fell in love with this new top from MALT called "Abegail". I'm showing you it in the Oceanic colour but there are so many festive colours to choose from. I love this top because it has so many different options. You can wear it as a crop top or a full body suit. It has two prim attachments and a resizing option. It's so lovely!

Addicted to love2

I'm also wearing a new release from Fab-U-Lous. I seriously cannot get enough of this hair. Wearing the Lara Hurley chic skin again and an awesome necklace from La BlaQ that I got on sale.

I took my in world pictures at a NOTsoBAD house, which is epic! It's so well designed and textured, that it left me breathless. I could have spent the entire day in it. On another note I used a few poses from Oomph since there is a 50% off sale right now!!!!!

Addicted to love3

Hair from Fab-U-Lous - Amel
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette - Tan (Ch1c)
Necklace from La BlaQ - Eleganzah Pearl Necklace - Chrome
Ring from Donna Flora - FLORA turquoise ring
Shirt from MALT - Abegail Multiway Top - Oceanic
Pants from HC - Bloomer Pants (White)
Shoes from Ingenue - Dianthus - Creme
Additonal poses from LAP - 1/365

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, that's Ch1c

So, I went back to Ch1c to get some more birthday goodies and guess who I bumped into? Kaelyn Alecto of Sweet Sexy Crazy. It was the first time we'd met each other and it was an OMG moment for both of us. Super sweet and sexy Kaelyn asked me to be a guest on her blog and I couldn't have been more delighted. I had a blast chatting with her while we took pictures. We decided to feature some of the wonderful finds from the Ch1c birthday event.

For Kaelyn's style card and more pictures please visit her post -> click here!

Bless your soul, you've got your head in the clouds
1st outfit - Pink

We both put on our pink dress for the first picture and we nicknamed ourselves the pink ladies since that colour happens to be a huge challenge for us. If you didn't know, I'm terrified of COLOUR! Ridiculous, I know... Getting get use of this shag hair. I think it looks fantastic with the Janett skin!

Oh, that's Ch1c (Part Two)

I'm showing off Candy Doll's Janett made exclusive for Ch1c's birthday. She's cute! I love the freckles across the bridge of the nose. I paired it with some dark eyeshadow and lashes. It's the perfect look for the STUNNING dress from Glam Affair. I really wish I could have got more colours! It's so flirty and cute and ohhh I want more of them... lol

Hair from [Shag] - There She Goes - fever (Ch1c)
Skin from CandyDoll - Janett Pale Cup B/HB (Ch1c)
Eyelashes from [glow] - Innocent. eyelashes - soft
Eyeshadow from L.Fauna - Simple Smokey
Earrings from JCNY - Hyper-Gem Earrings
Dress from -Glam Affair - Linda Dress - Pink (Ch1c)
Bracelet from *LC* - Jasmine Bracelet - Purple/Pink
Ring from Dark Mouse - Statement Ring - Romance
Shoes from BAX - Ankle Boots Black+ Suede

Rumour has it

For the second picture we tried on a few more grabs from Ch1c!! I really am in love with this dress from Kyoot. It comes in different colours but of course I grabbed the white and let me tell you. This is my new go-to outfit. I really loved how it turned out. Kaelyn looks super sexy in her jumper from Indie Rose.

Oh, that's Ch1c (Part One)

I'm also wearing the Lara Hurley skin Odette. This is my second Hurley skin and I am not disappointed. You might be seeing this on me again, especially since Kaelyn ordered me to never take it off (lol).

Hat from {mon tissu} - Feather Wrapped Fedora - Brown
Hair from [LeLutka] - ADDISON hair - WalnutWhip
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette - Tan (Ch1c)
Bracelet (L) from Zaara - Nizam Choodiya (bangles) - gold
Bracelet (R) from Atelier AM - fine wood bangle - white
Sunglasses from (Yummy) Mom Glasses - 70s White
Earrings from (Yummy) - Floral Dangle Earrings - Gold
Necklace from (Yummy) Nautical Charm Necklace
Stole from Ce Cubic effect - stole -Brown
Dress from Kyoot - The Clocks Are Broken - White (Ch1c)
Shoes from haut.monde - Hondo Pumps - Latte (Ch1c)