Monday, May 28, 2012

Watch N' Learn


Today, I had the chance to team up with Alon Alphaville co-owner of DesigningSL, BloggingSL and HuntingSL. Of course, he's also a fashion blogger. Alon is very passion about male fashion. We spent the afternoon chatting and snapping some pictures.


We took some pictures at the Rose Theatre. The grounds surrounding the theatre are beautifully decorated in fall colours. 


Besides wearing the new jumper from NSB I am showing off another terrific shape from Suicidal Doper called Beatrix. I love the facial features, they're so sharp and unique. Right now the shapes are only available on market place. You can grab a demo --> HERE! 


Hair from !lamb. Pearl (Mesh) - Honeycomb Ombre by Lamb Bellic
Skin from the body co. Orchid - medium by thebodyco
Shape from [ Suicidal Dper. ] Beatrix Shape by Linx Lysette
Eyes from IKON - Horizon Eyes - Caramel by Ikon Innovia
Glasses from Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses by Izzie Button
Necklace from [MANDALA] - TAKAYAMA2 - gold by Kikunosuke Eel
Bracelet (R) from Izzie's - Faceted Wood Bangle - earth by Izzie Button
Bracelet (L) from je suis - grande - browns  by Julia Merosi
Ring from [EY:NO] Dressed Stone Ring by Andreaa Umino
Nails from N-core MANICURE by Clarie Messenger 
Jumper from not so bad . BREE overall short by Emillie Freund
Shoes from [Gos] Storm Sandal in Brown Leather by Gospel Voom
Poses from label motion - Bell by Anne Dakun

On Alon Alphaville

Skin from NIVARO - Vasean springtone by ReishiProphet
Eyes from  Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes Dark Onyx by Arkesh Baral
Hair from EGO Miz light brown by ego shuffle
Jacket from Gizza - Blazer - Mesh Smoky by Giz Seorn
Shirt from King - Justin - Blue (MOH2 gift prize)
Pants from REDGRAVE - Pants Herringbone long version by Emilia Redgrave
Shoes from REDGRAVE Classic Leather Boots by Emilia Redgrave

Last call for the Home Expo

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. Today is sadly the last day of the Home Expo. I hope you've all had the chance to go down and browse the different sims. The 2012 Home and Garden Expo in support of Relay For Life of SecondLife and the American Cancer Society will close on May 28th at 10pm SLT.

For my last post on the expo I wanted to show off a new to me store called Circa. I really enjoy finding new places that are awesome. I love the stuff from this store so much that I dropped them in my house as soon as I got them.

HE - Circa1

This is called LivingLife GreenHouse and it's  RFL item available at the Expo. It's great for all those green thumbs out there. It comes with planters, shelves, a desk and stool.

HE - Circa2

The next is called Parkette - Dandelion Bottles. I really like these.

HE - Circa3

Last thing I'm showing off is the The GreenHouse Multi Stand in Blonde. It has 5 different plants sitting on different stands. Get item to get some greenery in your home.

I hope you get a chance to visit Circa at the Expo. But, if not here is the main store LM.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Behind the Curtain with Izzie Button

Curtains - Izzie4

Most of you might know Izzie Button as the wonderful artist behind Izzie's.  A women's clothing store that has a wide collection from casual & basics wear, to nails and accessories. Lately, Izzie has even revamped her skin collection. It has literally become the one stop destination for any woman looking to spruce up her closet. It's affordable, well designed, and it's trendy!! 

I first began working with Izzie almost an year ago. She was so friendly and welcoming that we just started talking more often. Now, she has become a dear friend. I asked Izzie if I could interview her for my 'Behind the Curtain' feature of my blog and she agreed. She joked that she didn't have a home to show... of course I didn't believe her. But, she was telling the truth - but only a quarter of it ;)

Here's our interview: 

Temp: Favourite designer (other than yourself ) to wear? 

Izzie: My overall favorite clothing stores are Maitreya and Mon Tissu. But, lately I've been wearing mesh so I've been getting clothes from coldLogic. I usually mix and match my own with other designers too. 

Temp: Three fashion accessories you can't live without?

Izzie: The mesh feet from Slink (i hardly ever wear shoes), i wear them all the time, Sunrise and Horizon Eyes from IKON and my Classic Nails Set.

Temp: Blonde, red or brunette? What's your favourite shade of hair to wear? 

Izzie: My favorite shade of hair is black, but from time to time i also wear brown and blonde shades depending on my mood and style. i'm not a huge fan of red hair though, you will hardly ever see me as a redhead.

Temp: Favourite hairstyle? Or hair designer? 

Izzie: I'm a hair addict and I have many favorite hair designers whose stores i visit frequently, it's hard to pick just one of them. Where I spend most L$ are definitely Truth, Elikatira and Wasabi Pills followed by Exile, Magica and LeLutka.

Curtains - Izzie3

Temp: What's your motto/advice that you live by?

Izzie: Always treat other people the way you want to be treated. Be nice and polite and treat everyone respectfully even if it seems hard sometimes, at least try, it will pay off :)

Temp: How/why did you start creating?

Izzie: The idea arose from pure boredom and not knowing what to do in SL. I spent my first weeks hunting for freebies and playing zyngo and all kinds of games. After some time it wasn't fun anymore so i wondered what else i could do. I have always been fascinated by the creations of other designers and I wondered how they do that and if i could do it too. So I started reading and watching lots of tutorials how to create clothes and all kinds of other things in SL and gave it a try. With the money from my Zyngo winnings I financed the upload costs and i spent much time and effort to create something reasonable. It was a long way with lots of ups and downs but I moved on because I noticed how much I enjoyed it and it made me proud of myself and also I finally found a meaning in my SL life.

Temp: What's your fashion pet-peeve?

Izzie: Face lights and bling scripted objects as well as running around with absolutely non fitting clothing attachments (like necklace or collar hovers somewhere over the neck, sculpted bottoms that are too big/small, prim skirts...).

Temp: Favourite fashion season?

Izzie: Spring and Fall.

Curtains - Izzie2

Temp: When you look for homes in sl, what is the most important feature for you? (prims/textures/style/lighting, etc.)

Izzie: Actually I never look for homes in SL and I don't even have one lol. Most of the time I stay in my empty skybox with 4 plain gray colored walls, no roof, my pose stands, background wall for making pics and lots of space for creating items. So the most important feature would be in this case that I have enough room for creating and that there are no unnecessary objects im my way. Some weeks ago I created and furnished a small livingroom at my sim for a photoshoot with my friends Kaelyn Alecto and Anne Dakun. The room is still there, next to my mainstore on the ground and everyone is welcome to hang out there if wanted. So this was my first attempt to furnish a livingroom and it was important to me to use bright and pleasant colors so you get a happy but relaxed feeling when entering and also I used lots of decoration (wall decoration, lights, plants, cushions, rugs...) and some personal things to create a comfortable ambience...

Curtains - Izzie1

Temp: What's your favourite piece in your home?

Izzie: In my livingroom home: The Spring Words Sofa from LISP, it's so comfortable and I love the spring colors and flower patterns on it. And of course, what's never missing, the 1 and 2 prim cats from *SHOP SEU* they've been with me since the beginning of my designing career. They've always been present in my stores from the beginning, they are my mascots. But in my skybox home: my pose stand is my favourite because it comes in handy all the time

What Izzie is wearing:
Skin, shape & make-up from Izzie's - Delusional Skin
Hair from Elikatira - Never
Necklaces from Izzie's - 50's Pearl Necklace brown & Izzie's - Owl Necklace
Earrings from Izzie's - Angular Earrings - brown
Bangle from Izzie's - Faceted Wood Bangle yellow
Nails from Izzie's - Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails
Overalls from Not so Bad - Bree Overall
Feet from Slink - Mesh Feet



I usually wear my own shape because, like most bloggers and ladies on the grid, I like to be unique. The thought of someone else having the same shape as me is a little bit annoying. I recently came across a store called Suicidal Doper and I had to bite my tongue. The shapes by Linx Lysette are so original and unique looking that I decided to try some out for myself. I am showing you Morgan today, and I am in LOVE. The face is perfect. The cut of the nose, the full upper lip, the slant of the eye. I've been toying with the idea of changing my shape and I think Morgan will be my new face.


There are tons of other shapes available if you head over to the market. Make sure you browse through and grab some demos, you won't be disappointed! Demos available -----> HERE


Skin from IREN - Janine - Pale by Irischka Hotshot

Shape from Suicidal Doper - Morgan Shape by Linx Lysette

Hair from [e] - Caramel - Brown 08 by elikapeka tiramisu

Flower from artilleri - Hibi hair flower - white by antonia.marat)

Eyes from IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Mint+Gold by Ikon Innovia

Eyeliner from Izzie's - Cristina Eyeliner by Izzie Button

Necklace from MIEL - Echo Necklace by Miel Nirvana

Bracelets from erratic - cuff - silver by Erratic Rain

Nails from Izzie's - Classic Nails Spring/Summer 2012 Edition by Izzie Button

Shirt from {le fil casse} cafe cami - steam 2 by jacinda.jaxxon

Pants from {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans - Faded by Elie Spot

Belt from Zaara - Neha spring shorts belt - ivory by Zaara Kohime

Shoes from Ingenue - Bridget Flats - Pool by Betty Doyle

Poses from label motion - Bell & Sara by Anne Dakun

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Want to meet the Designers of Home Expo?

Heck, yes! When I read this notecard I was pumped. I've always been really interested in the building process and to finally have the chance to meet and greet some designers is an awesome opportunity. Below is the schedule so, have a look!!! :)

Meet the Designers schedule - Prim Perfect Pavilion

Here's the tp to the correct sim.... Expo Sim 13

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another day @ The Home Expo

I found myself wandering around the expo again today. With some many different sims I doubt I'll ever be able to see it all - but, I'm going to try! ;) This time, I made it to LeeZu, Scarlet Creative, Artilleri and Cheeky Pea.

LeeZu by Leezu Baxter

HET - Leezu1

I am lovin' LeeZu's setup at the expo. I had to stop myself from buying the house right then and there and all the furniture. I just purchased a new house a few weeks ago so I couldn't justify getting another one. But, the didn't stop me from appreciating all the glorious decor that LeeZu had to offer!

HET - Leezu2

For the donation item LeeZu set out a mesh bowl and lamp. Great modern design. I was especially fond of the house set up. I wanted every single piece of furniture in there.

HET - Leezu3

Scarlet Creative by Charlotte Bartlett

HET - Scarlet1

I was really excited to see Scarlet Creative at the expo. I happen to be living in one of the houses featured here this year. I really love the modern and creative design of all her houses. I snuck into one of the houses to snap some photos. I really enjoy how you're giving a clean palette to work with. Most of the houses are textured in very neutral tones which makes it ubber easy to decor in a wide range of colours.

HET - Scarlet2

Artilleri by Antonia Marat

I've always had a thing for Artilleri furniture. I love how the pieces can fit in a modern house or a retro one. I always have a few pieces from there in each of my houses.

HET - Art1

HET - Art2

Artilleri has two things out for RFL. I loved both of these items. 

HET - Art3

Also a huge fan of this record player. ;)

My last stop for the day was at Cheeky Pea by Isla Gealach

Coille House (MESH) -> 1 bedroom L$ 2,000
                                    -> 3 bedroom L$ 2,500

HET - Cheeky1

HET - Cheeky2

HET - Cheeky3

HET - Cheeky4

HET - Cheeky5

HET - Cheeky6

I was so impressed by this house I spent most of my time there walking around. It is not only well designed but so well decorated I wanted to move right in. Most of the pieces are for sale as well, so make sure you browse the selection and pick up a few things!! This house is available for viewing at two locations - the expo and Cheeky Pea's main store.

I'm wearing:

Hair from [e] - Never - Blonde 11 by Elikapeka Tiramisu (NEW)
Skin from Lara Hurley- Katya natural/Tan by Lara Hurley
Eyes from IKON - VIP GIFT 2 - Summer by Ikon Innovia
Eyelashes from Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.08 by Izzie Button
Nails from N-core Manicure by Claire Messenger
Bracelet (R) from MONS - Oval Bangle - Black by ekilem Xenno
Bracelet (L) from MONS - Big Bangle - silver&white by ekilem Xenno
Headband from Elate! - Silk Bow (Group gift) by 
Shirt from Hucci - Salli Crop Tank - Midnight by Eboni Khan (NEW)
Skirt from Hucci - Tai Skirt - Spring Delight 2 by Eboni Khan (NEW)
Shoes from N-core COQUETTE by Claire Messenger
Poses from Label Motion - Bell by Anne Dakun

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hanging out @ The Home Expo

This afternoon I got to spend some time at this year's Home Expo before it's open to the public. I was so excited to see the tons and tons of items set out. There is something for everyone. I took a few pictures to show you what to expect.

Tether's End Designs by Ishtar Roussel

HE9 - Tether's

The Garden Summer House comes with a whole bunch of accessories which are included with the purchase. This is a RFL item so make sure you pick it up and support the charity. 

HE8 - Tether's

Also featured is this super cute hammock with comes with couples poses and single poses. 

Envision Decor & Prefabs by Ray Hoffman

HE4- Envision

Grace Brick House - fully furniture L$1,000 House only L$250

HE5 - Envision

This house has two bedrooms and an open kitchen/living room. 

HE7 - Envision

HE6 - Envision

There is also a bathroom within the main bedroom. 

Next stop was Park Place Home Decor by DeAnn Dufaux

There were so many awesome items available at this shop. I took a picture of a few of my favourites.

HE2 - ParkPlace

I really liked this set, especially the ottoman. It was stacked with a ton of poses. 

HE3 - Park Place

The sofa set came with two side tables and accessories, another great grab from Park Place.

Silent Woods by Lukrezia Laval

The last item I'm showing is a fantastic little set from Silent Woods. I've never heard of Silent Woods prior to the expo but I'm very pleased that I found it. I placed this set in my house and love the details of the accessories. It's great for a small corner that needs a little sprucing up.

HE1-Silent Woods

More to come from Home Expo 2012 which opens to the public on will open on May 19th at 6am SLT, and remain open 24 hours each day until it closes on May 28th at 10pm SLT.

What I'm wearing:

Hair from lamb - Peral - Blur Root by Lamb Bellic (NEW)
Skin from [Ill] Illusory Skin - Paige_Chai - Simple Liner by Crushed Clarity
Eyes from IKON - VIP GIFT 2 - Summer by Ikon Innovia
Eyelashes from Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.08 by Izzie Button
Top from Chloe - Beatrice - Silver by MW Boa (NEW)
Ring from Shade Throne - Studded Ring by Undo Hermano
Nails from Izzie's - Classic Nails Summer/Spring by Izzie Button
Jeans from mon tissu - Nora Skinny Jeans - Dark by Elie Spot
Shoes from Mstyle - DIDI Pumps - Silver by Mikee Mokeev

Poses from Label Motion - Lindsay by Anne Dakun 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home & Garden Expo 2012

I'm taking a break from my regular fashion posting to tell you about another awesome event coming up this month. The Home & Garden Expo in support of Relay for Life.


This event will run from May 19th - 28th and it covers over 14 different sims! That's crazy, right?

Getting there is super easier... All you have to do is Map Search 'Dreamseeker Home Expo', choose a sim and teleport in!

2012 Expo Fair Map Marked

Here's a little more about the event:

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Home & Garden Expo benefitting Relay For Life of Second Life.  2012′s Expo, will run from Saturday, May 19th through the 28th .  This year’s extravaganza will span 14 Second Life sims, with more than 100 exhibits, Entertainment and lots of fun activities including the RFL Breedables Fair.

The expo will cover all areas of home and land decor in SL. It gathers together many of SL’s greatest architects, furniture makers, gardeners and landscapers, some well-known and some not so well-known, in a grand display to Second Life shoppers and visitors.

To see a full itinerary of the scheduled events, the WONDERFUL sponsors, and Exhibitors plus lots and lots of additional info, visit the website at:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fool in Love

I haven't been around a lot, so to actually be able to show off some brand new stuff is a treat for me!!! 

First up is this new dress from Gloxx. This store is quite new on the grid and I think there is a lot of potential. The designer Nanaa Dinzeo is making a whole bunch of mesh items and this dress in particular caught my eye. It's available in a bunch of different colours. 

Location - The Rose Theatre
Pose used Label Motion - Andrea Pose 1 by Anne Dakun

I was flipping through Dasia Admiral blog and saw that she took some great pics at this location. It's truly a beautiful spot so thanks Dasia for sharing it!!!

Also, very happy that CaTwa has a new release called Dolly. This is a pulled back half-up do. It has tiny braids on each side and loads of great colour options.

The purse is a rockin' grab from Ricielli at Culture Shock 2012 (still open 'til the 28th). I will probably head back and pick it up in some more colours.


I am wearing the newest of group gifts from IKON. These eyes are so lovely. They're honestly one of my favourite on the grid. I pretty much wear IKON all the time. There were three gifts available but only for a limited time. Hopefully you were able to grab them, too.


Hair from CaTwA - Dolly - Roots/Chocolate by Catwa Clip
Skin from [Ill] Illusory Skin - Paige_Chai - Simple Liner by Crushed Clarity
Eyes from IKON - VIP GIFT 1 - Summer by Ikon Innovia
Eyelashes from Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.05 by Izzie Button
Eyeliner from Izzie's - Eyeliner by Izzie Button
Lipstick from [Ill] Illusory - Paige Lips - Almond (High Gloss)  by Crushed Clarity
Dress from Gloxx Store - Dress Lola by Nanaa Dinzeo
Bracelet (L1) from MONS - Bracelet - heart - bronze by ekilem Xenno
Bracelet (L2) from MONS - Metal Bangle - Brass  by ekilem Xenno
Nails from N-core Manicure by Claire Messenger 
Earrings & Ring from PM - Cycle dans la Chocolaterie Set by Tya Fallingbridge
Bag from Ricielli Mesh - Cowhide Tote Leather Bag - Beige by Fhara Acacia
Shoes from N-core - COQUETTE Platform by Claire Messenger
Additional poses from MP - See My Stilettos by Scarlet Chandrayaan

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Roc Me Out

I've decided to give myself a little challenge (since we all know how good I am at those - rolls eyes). I'm going to do my next couple of posts and name them after Rihanna's "Talk that Talk" album. I'm really into it right now. It's great summer music. I figured if I do this, then every time I listen to it, it'll remind me to blog! lol I don't know if I'm necessarily trying to channel Rihanna into my looks, but I guess that might be fun too.

Roc Me Out

Anyway, on to the fashion bit... I am in love with all the colours available this season!! I've always been nervous about using too much colour but I'm really going to try harder this season to use more of it. I really love each of these outfits.

I went to visit the next collection at C88 and oh wow! I think I wanted every single item available. But, of course that wasn't possible so I picked up a few things to tide me over. I fell for the new hucci romper. I decided on white (go figure) and paired it up with some beautiful teal pump from MAAI.

Roc Me Out - Layout 2

Poses from Glitterati by Katey Coppola
Hair from Clawtooth - Kinda Shy - Girl Next Door @ C88 by Bubbles Clawtooth
Skin from Illusory - Paige - Chai by Crushed Clarity
Eyes from IKON - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Blue by Ikon Innovia
Eyeliner from Izzie's - Eyeliner by Izzie Button
Eyelashes from Crissy Designs - Glamorous Eyelashes by Cristina Sugita
Romper from Hucci - Poetic Romper - Crisp @ C88 by Eboni Khan
Bracelet (R) from Zaara - Sadaf Shell Bracelets by Zaara Kohime
Ring from Zaara - Raga Rings - Pearl by Zaara Kohime
Bracelet (L) from Izzie's - Faceted Wood Bangle (Gatcha)by Izzie Button
Purse from Izzie's - Clutch - White by Izzie Button
Shoes from MAAI - Plastic Pumps - Cyan (NEW) by Snow Wolfhunter

KIM has been throwing out tons of new releases for the spring season. I am especially fond of these lace dresses, they're so scandolous. They come is so many different colours that I'd be shocked if you couldn't find a colour that you like... 

Roc Me Out - Layout 3
Poses from Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer
Hair from Wasabi Pills - Sybille 2 - Pancake by MissAllSunday Lemon
Skin from Illusory - Paige - Chai w/ freckles by Crushed Clarity
Eyes from IKON - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Mint+Gold by Ikon Innovia
Eyeliner from Cstar - Underline Me by Unico Solo
Eyelashes from Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.03 by Izzie Button
Necklace from bellballs - Disc Charm Necklace - White by Viollette Vyper
Ring from U&R DOGS - Caro mio ben Ring by Ruriko Jewell
Bracelet from Mandala - Milky Way Bangle A by Kikunosuke Eel
Dress from KIM - Tatti Lace Dress - Hot Pink (NEW) by Kimberly Flagon
Undies from Izzie's - Bikini - White by Izzie Button
Shoes from PM - Baby T's Plain - Snow by Tya Fallingbridge

I am wearing another Shag release for this year's Culture Shock. This was is called Coco. Make sure you head down to pick it up soon as CS will end on the 28th of May. 

Roc Me Out - Layout 1
Poses from TeaSoup by Tea Soup & Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer
Hair from Shag - Coco - Scarlet @ Culture Shock by Sebastien Aries
Skin from Illusory - Paige - Chai w/ freckles by Crushed Clarity
Eyes from LeLutka - Ellis Eyes - Marina by Minnu Palen
Earrings from MONS - Feather Earring - Cream by ekilem Xenno
Dress from KIM - Chance @ Tropicalia Big Bazaar by by Kimberly Flagon
Ring from EY:NO - Dresses Stone Ring by Andreaa Umino
Jacket from mon tissu - Porter Jean Jacket - Dark by Anouk Spot
Shoes from MAAI - Plastic Pumps - Purple by Snow Wolfhunter

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Culture Shock 2012

The 2nd annual Culture Shock has begun! This event opened on May 4th and will close on May 26th. It's a great even featuring art, music and tons of exclusive fashion.

Every store has a mandatory participation of one NEW and EXCLUSIVE (for the duration of the event) item that gives 50 - 100% of the profits to the charity. The proceeds from this even are going to Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). For more information about Culture Shock and the charity it supports please click here.


I decided to pair up with one of my favourite people, Kaelyn Alecto to show off some of Culture Shock's goodies available to you.  

We are both wearing Shag's new releases. I am so excited about both of these designs. They're short and crisp and perfect for spring. We also have on Izzie's new item for CS. It comes in three different versions. 


The shorts I'm wearing are part of an outfit from KIM at CS. The top is really super cute and the shorts are mesh. 

There are tons more items available so make sure you head down to the CHIC sim and help support Doctors without Borders! 


Hair from Shag - Cherie - bombshell @ Culture Shock
Skin from Illusory - Paige - Chai w/ freckles
Eyes from LeLutka - Ellis Eyes - Marina
Earrings from bellballs - Aztec Fabric Studs
Scarf from MIEL - WPGIII Scarf - Coal
Bracelet from League - Wanderer Set - Black
Ring from EY:NO - Dressed Stone Rings
Purse from Fleshtone - Goo PVC - yellow
Glasses from Izzie's Oversized Sunglasses 
Nails from Izzie's - Classic Nails - Spring 2012 (NEW)
Top from Izzie's - Tri Color Top - desire @ Culture Shock
Pants from KIM - Mesh Summer Shorts @ Culture Shock
Shoes from KIM - Mesh Platform heels - Dandelion
Friend pose from !bang -  "good times"
Individual Poses from Label Motion - Andrea