Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two of a good thing!

Two of a good thing (Part One)

Haven't been in the mood to blog lately. That is, until I saw the latest release from BeBe Doll. I'm featuring BD's latest released Rio (tank top) and Spring Fling (dress). I combined the two items with the latest FLF grabs.

Two of a good thing (Part Two)

Hair from Damselfly - Berkelly - Brown Driftwood
Skin from L.Fauna - Lola Tan - Fresh 00
Sunglasses from DECO - Aviator Sunglassed (FLF)
Jewelry from [bellballs] - Trendy Tribal - Snow Leopard
Jacket from NINIKO - Soft Riders (grey)
Top from BeBe Doll - Rio Simple Tank - Yellow
Skirt + Leggings from :: fore :: - flor skirt
Shoes from [e] - Millside Flats - Haze
Bag from HOF - Weekender Tote - Blue (FLF)

I have not been to Damselfly in a LONG time. I got a few hairs from there when I first got my account but sorta "forget" about it. Recently I saw a friend wearing a great hairstyle and inquired about it. She directed me to Damselfly. Wouldn't you know... I re-discovered why I liked it in the first place! These are just two of the new releases and I really like the style of them both and the texture change option on the headband. It's always great when something new turns out to be something you already knew! ;)

Two of a good thing (Part Three)

Hair from Damselfly - Vivynee - Blonde Dusky
Skin from L.Fauna - Lola Tan - Fresh 00
Earrings from JCNY - Ultra Classic Diamond Stud
Bracelet from GaNKeD - Bunnies Revenge Bracelet (Freebie)
Jacket from :: fore :: - dot jacket - white
Dress from *BD* - Spring Fling Dress - Red & Yellow
Shoes from [Gos] - Posh Bootie - White
Bag from A-BOMB - Tote - Paris

*Poses from (pda) - Germ Free Adolescents (FLF)
Additional poses from AppleSpice - Red Carpet*

Monday, April 25, 2011

An afternoon at Dai's house

Dai's house

I've been having major decorating issues! I cannot for the life of me decorate this house I have from y's house! I mentioned my frustrations to friend and fellow blogger Dailyn Holfe of Daily[n] News. She shared my frustration as she'd just finished decorating her little slice of paradise and suggested I take a look for inspiration. Her little abode did inspire me, but not for decorating! Instead I throw together a look - go figure?!

Thanks Dai for letting me crash your pad!

Dai's House 3

HUGE FAN of this skin from L.Fauna. It's my first ever. I KNOW, you can judge. I have this safe place with skins and I usually stick to the same ones. As of late I have been trying to branch out - so give me some credit! Lola, is one of my branch out experiences and I'm so happy I got it. It's so natural and youthful. I especially love the freckles sprinkled across the nose and cheeks. I think it's a great spring look, fresh and fabulous. L.F is having a 50% off sale right now, so make sure you take a look!

Dai's House 2

Despite spending ridiculous amounts of lindens in such a short time I'm still a happy camper!
It all started with the new hair from LeLutka. As soon as I got that NC I knew I was done for. I raced down there and picked up Watson. Then I saw the new release at MIEL. Frig... I had to have these boots too. I really like how it comes with the colour changing script/hud. So much better than changing your prims. Then I heard about the new shorts from Zaara and I had to get a pair. Love em! Just before I logged I got another notecard about the new lineup at TFG. As if my lindens were safe after that...

Hair from LeLutka - Watson - I don't bleach
Skin from L.Fauna - Lola - Tan 1 - Fresh 00
Eyeshadow from L.Fauna - Simple Smokey
Eyelashes from Amacci - Donna - Black
Eyes from CHAI Eyes - Gemini
Jewelery from Donna Flora - Pasqualina Set (FREEBIE)
Jacket from La BlaQ - Alexander Oasis Jacket - TFG
Top from Doppelganger Inc. - Billie Blouse
Shorts from Zaara - Neha Spring Shorts - Navy
Shoes from MIEL - Troupe Shoes - Natural

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Picture by Chloe Platini taken at Millions

So excited about this pose set from Olive Juice. I liked it so much that I tracked down two of my dearest friends to take pictures. We got together at the Millions sim home to Chloe's BeBe Doll. It's a great place to have a slightly competitive Easter egg hunt.

Picture by Chloe Platini taken at Millions

I've had this bunny costume for some time. I got it from a lucky chair! The shoes are from [e] - HUGE sale going on right now! Get your pixel bottom down there!!!!!! Also, ubber impressed with this group gift from Hearts Soften. It's so funky!

Happy Easter everyone!! Hope you get lots of treats from the Easter bunny!


All poses from Olive Juice - Easter Egg Hunt!

On Temp
Outfit from Deviance - Playboy Bunny (LC PRICE)
Hair from Heart Softens - Rock - Blond
Skin from CandyDoll - Lilly Tan
Shoes from [e] - Move Pumps - Pearl

On Chloe
Hair from [e] - Paper
Outfit from Deviance - Bunny Costume
Shoes from [e] - Move Pumps - Pearl

On Perky
Outfit from Intrigue Co. - Green Bunny Pajamas
Teeth from -RC- Bucked Teeth

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Newness @ TDR

*Picture taken at Nordari in "Rain in East Europe". Pose was .Tea - Tainted Love*

Great stuff at TDR! I picked up this new skin from Glam Affair called "Monica". LOVE IT! Also very impressed with the shoes from R.icielli. You get three different pairs for a great low price. There are loads of other things being featured at The Dressing Room, so make sure you go for a visit.


Hair from Tiny Bird - Soon Enough II - Brown
Skin from Glam Affair - Monica Tan Skin (TDR)
Top from Doppelgänger Inc. - Billie Blouse
Jewelery from YS&YS - Sunset Set (TDR)
Pants from Doppelgänger Inc. - Worn Jeans Dark Blue
Belt from The Secret Store - Scarf Belt - Coffee
Shoes from R.icielli - Sophia Pumps (TDR)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Hunts!!

Spring Madness

I really loved Easter hunts when I was a child. Running around trying to find all the eggs and chocolates. Mmmmhm! Now, it's even better! I get to run around all the stores and find goodies! I'm featuring two hunts in this post. The Depraved Spring Madness Hunt & R.icielli's Easter Hunt.

Spring Madness - Bunny

The skin & shape I'm wearing are from a new store called "Skin Doctors". I recently had a chance to visit and I really liked the skins and shapes. It's def worth a visit! :)

Hair from Truth - Adele - Cocoa
Shape from Skin Doctors - Paula
Skin from [SD] - Paula - Natural Dark - Pink Smoke
Necklace from (TokiD) - Spheres Necklace (Group Gift)
Dress/top from -paper.doll- Spring Madness (SMH)
Shorts from T.Whore - Mini Ripped Jeaas - Dark
Shoes from MIEL - Dandy Boots - Flor
Bunny Accessories from ODB - Bunny Bits (SMH)

Spring Madness - Sparrow

Depraved Spring Madness Hunt runs from April 15 - May 15 and it's a grid wide hunt!
The R.icielli Easter Hunts has 20 gold eggs spread over the store. Each egg cost L$15. Well worth. There is a display showing all the goodies you can get (click here).

Hair from YunA'sHAIR - [YH] - 20 - Brown 02
Shape from [SD] - Paula
Skin from [SD] - Paula - Natural Light
Eyelashes from Amacci - Dazzle - Black
Earrings from Caroline's Jewelry - Cabochon Chandelier Earrings
Necklace from Shiny Things - Knotted Bead Strand - Mother of Pearl
Dress from [CIA] - Sparrow Tea Dress (SMH)
Belt from R.icielli - Margot Belt (Easter Hunt @ Main store)
Shoes from Ingenue - Dianthus - Creme

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Melissa Woods
Picture taken at Drobak. Special thanks to Mar of MarRee for suggesting some places to take in world photos. If you haven't seen her flickr and blog I suggest you take a look. A very talented lady! :)

Loads of great stuff happening in world. I've been MIA as of lately due to some RL health issues so I've fallen behind on posting. But, I'm on the mend and feeling much better.

Melissa Full Body

Les Petits Details (LpD) released a brand new skin last week-ish. She's called Melissa and I absolutely love how natural she looks. I'm showing five different makeup options. I really like how on the natural option there are creases under the eye. I haven't been able to take this skin off. I am also wearing the Melissa shape.

Melissa Skin Up

I'm really really impressed with this LpD skin. I think Melissa is very different from what I usually wear. Make sure you head down to LpD Skins to try on a demo!

Melissa Outfit

I really liked this outfit! It was a great FLF grab from Tiny Bird.
P.s. Did you know Tiny Bird is closing?!?!?! I was shocked and disappointed. Sad day... there is a closing sale going on from 4/14-4/30. Get it while you can.

The hair is from [kik] which I modified. It comes with a bow on top. It only has three texture changes options :( and they didn't go with my outfit. But, for the cost of the hair I can't complain!

Hair from [kik]hair - Latte - Coffee (I modified it)
Skin & Shape from LpD - Melissa - 60' Doll
Necklace & Earrings from Statique - La Boheme
Scarf from MIEL - Maki Scarf - Flor
Watch (L) from MIEL - Troupe Watch - Bright
Bracelet (R) from BAX - Flower Bracelet - Gray
Outfit from Tiny Bird - Next Girl Romper - Lavender
Shoes from +ADDiCTIA+ - Metro Sandas - Silver
Lingerie from Elate! - Marcelliana - Sunny

Monday, April 18, 2011

I've got soul & I love to tango. But, I'm just an illusion!

I've got soul & I love to tango. But, I'm just an illusion!

N-core has this fabulous sale a few days back. (I'm a tad-bit late with this post- sooorry)It was a flash sale - one day event. Of course I had to go!! I got three new pairs of heels. I decided to feature them with some great outfits from TFG!


Hair from Exile - Laurie Blue - Dark Browns
Headband from NHA! - Headband Maria (TFG)
Skin from Belleza - Alyson - Med
Tat from AITUI - Star Story
Earrings from JCNY - Diamond Studs
Bracelet (L) from ICED - Oval Bangles - Aquamarine
Bracelet (R) from Urbanity - Leather Bands - Blue
Shirt from Zenith - Tiffany Top - Cyan/Purple (TFG)
Skirt from Urbanity - Mini Skirt - Denim
Shoes from N-core - ILLUSION - Brown
*Urbanity is now Ha!*


Hair from Exile - Sasha - Mink
Skin from Belleza - Elle - Tan
Earrings from [glow] studio - Queen Earrings
Shirt/Dress is from HouseofFox - Sassy Dress (TFG)
Jeans are from Narwhal - Dark High Waist Jeans
Gloves from La BlaQ - Bold 5ive Gloves - Houndstooth (TFG)
Shoes from N-Core - SOUL - Chocolat


Hair from Ingenus - Myrna - Noir
Skin from Curio - Petal - Pin Up - Apple Pie (Dark)
Necklace from artilleri - Corazon Necklace (group gift)
Bracelet from erratic - Cuffs - Silver
Dress from [Cheerno Femme] - Menorca Long Shirt (TFG)
Shoes from N-Core - TANGO - Strawberry

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Blooms

April Blooms (Part One)

I want to have a love affair with everything "Shag". Creator Sebastien Aries has quickly become one of my most admired hair designers. I really enjoy all of his unique creations. Shag has these two hair styles out for Project Themeory. Best part is they each come with three different colours!!!!!!! It's worth every linden penny! WOOOHOOO! <3 Thank you Sebastien!

If you didn't already know, is having a sale. I love sales. I have a fair amount of clothes from but yet I still manage to convince myself I need more. I picked up these pants and shoes at the sale.

April Blooms (Part Two)

Another wonderful Project Themeory grab was this shirt from Les Petits Details (LpD). I should have picked up a few more colours and I'm seriously kicking myself for not doing it now.

In other news... APPLE SPICE finally has a store in world! Congrats! I was lucky enough to get my hands on this skin called "Alicia". It's a lot more fair than I usually wear but I was attracted to the freckles and the adorable makeup. As well, all the poses I used in this post are from Apple Spice. :)

April Blooms (Part Three)

This beautiful spring themed dress is a M&M hunt gift featured at Sassy! The top and the skirt are scripted so you can resize easily. The shoes are from [e] and they're wonderful. I'll be going back for the fat pack ASAP. A while ago a good friend of mine told me to join the [e] VIP group but I completely forgot. HUGE EPIC GRAND MISTAKE! For those of you lucky enough to be part of the group I am jealous! I pray that it'll open up again because I won't make the same mistake twice.
Look #1
Hair from Shag - Naked A We Came - Cashmere
Skin from Apple Spice - Alicia - 1
Bracelt from *ICED* - Britany Bangle - Diamond
Necklace from Happy Finds - Honey Comb Rose Necklace
Jacket from {mon tissu} - Porter Jean Jacket - Dark
Shirt from LpD - Country Top - Lilac
Pants from - Rolled Cargos - Gray
Shoes from - Basic Flats - Gray

Look #2
Hair from Shag - Black Tie Affair - Toffee
Skin from Apple Spice - Alicia - 5
Jewelry Set from (luc) - Vintage Extreme Spring
Long Neklace from Gypsys! - Key Necklace
Dress from Sassy! - Blossom Dress (M&M Hunt Gift)
Shoes from [e] - Move Pumps - Nude
Poses from Apple Spice - Pinup Poses 01-05 & Red Carpet Poses 01-010

Spring Fling

Weekends are always good in SL. I look forward to three things... Fifty linden Fridays, Super Bargain Saturday and Lazy Sundays.

I picked up a few things from FLF and SSB. I only had time for one look right now and I wanted to show off the latest from designer Chloe Platini of BeBe Doll. She put out a festive spring dress that I think it's great for the season. I love the bright busy pattern. Perfect for spring!

Spring Fling

Hair from vive9 - Donna - Tonic
Hair piece from tram - Butterfly Hair Accessory - Simple Blue
Necklace from Miel - Echo
Jacket from artMEfashion - Summer Lace Jacket - White
Dress from BeBe Doll - Spring Fling Dress (Super Saturday Bargain)
Shoes from Ingenue - Dianthus - Creme

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring in!

About 90% of hair in my inventory is brunette. It's what I wear the most. Sometimes I flirt with blonde but I always return to my comfort zone. I've never been a redhead. When I saw this group gift at "tram" I decided it was time to walk on the wild side (lol).


All the poses I'm using in this post are from "Slash Me Poses" which has recently come onto my radar. Great pose sets. This pose set is called Models Set and it comes with 12 different poses. I'm sure you'll be seeing me use these again, and very soon! :) Take a taxi cab here ----> Slash Me Poses Main Store

Visited a new (to me) store called "Crazy". Really liked a lot of the things I saw there. I grabbed this great Sea top for L$150 that came with three different colour options.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this necklace from "Dark Mouse". It's soooooo nice. I've big into bows lately and this necklace satisfied my bow-craving. These are my first pair of flats from [e] and I'm liking them!!! I might swing back to pick up a few more colours as they were a really reasonable price!

Caress (Part Two)

Hair from tram - A330 Hair (Group gift)
Hair base from CaTwA - Red (Freebie)
Skin from Lara Hurley - Leah - Bronzed Gloss - Tan
Earrings from K&S - Susie Series - Diamond Earring
Necklace from Dark Mouse - Pearls Forever (VIP Group Gift)
Top from *Crazy* - Sea Top - Green
Shorts from {mon tissu} - Shorts - Greta - Original
Shoes from [e] - Millside Flats - Desert
Poses from Slash Me Poses - Model Set

Friday, April 8, 2011

Aching for that summer heat


I recently got this really neat surfer set from "Tiki Tattoo". I love it. So many different animations available and the texturing is amazing. It's such a high quality set. It's perfect for the beach theme I have going on. If you've never been to "Tiki Tattoo" you're due for a visit. Loads of high quality tropical products.

I asked my friend Jab to pose for my pictures. He was a great sport! Hugs to him! ;)

HUGE fan of this necklace from "GaNKeD"! It's beautiful. I thought I'd pair it with a really simple summer look. I'm becoming a very dedicated stalker of Ronsem as well. I've gotten a few things from there and I've been impressed with all of my purchases.

Green & Glittering Gold (Part One)

On Temp

Hair from LeLutka - Lush - Overcooked

Skin from Glam Affair - Jadis - Med Tan & Tan - Gold B

Necklace from GaNKeD - Jealousy Set

Bracelet from GaNKeD - Jealousy Set

Bracket from Urbanity - Leather Bands - Black

Swimsuit from Armidi - Tricote Nada - Gold

Shirt from Ronsem - Bare T - Green

Tattoo from Nox. - Project Themeory - I Will Be Paper Soon

Shoes from PM - Baby T's - Plain - Soft Gold


On Jab

Hair from Dura - THE CELLAR - Celebrasts LOVE (50L special)

Skin from Belleza - Shawn - Med (Group Gift)

Eyes from AITUI - Mirage Hollow

Eyebrow ring from !! EN-SHAPE - DBL Eyebrow Ring

Necklace from .:CoLLisions:. - Legion Necklace

Tat from AITUI TATTOO - The Dancing Crow

Pants from Ronsem - Cargo Shorts / brown

Shirt: [W&B] Mark Long Sleeve Henley TOBACCO

This last sassy picture I took to show off this lovely tat by Olyvia Stratten creator of Nox. I've had it for a long time just haven't had the chance to blog it 'til now. I usually don't wear tats but I really liked this one.


Tattoo from Nox. - [I Will Be Paper Soon] Tattoo


Beach set from Tiki Tattoo - 2010 AM Girly Surfcamp

Couple Poses from CnS - Laying and Backie

Single Poses from Glitterati & LAP

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hat, tie and vest... oh my!

Hat, tie and vest...oh my (Part One)

Just a quick post today, as I'm about to head to bed. I realized that in my previous post I wore the tie from this great freebie at DCNY and didn't credit it. Apparently I'm just awesome like that... I've updated the post but wanted to point out what an fantastic top/vest/tie combo this is. Best part, only paid L$1. C'mon... that's a steal. The hat is from TDRB and the shoes were a freebie at "tram". I recently was directed to "tram" by a friend and I think it's a great little store. Lots of cute stuff. I'll be blogging more stuff from there soon! The pants are from {mon tissu} and AMAZING! Such great details. I'm a sucker for jeans and these are no exception.

Hat, tie and vest...oh my (Part Two)

Hair & hat from Kletva - Keo - Sable Brown (TDRB)
Skin from CandyDoll - Lilly - Natural Tan
Ring from Dark Mouse - Statement Ring - Chocolates
Shirt & Vest & Tie from DCNY Ltd. - Edition Dollarbie
Pants from {mon tissu} - Denim - Lou Lou - Light
Shoes from tram - Carnation Flats - FREEBIE

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All I wanna see you in is just skin...

Skin (Part One)
"So why you standing over there witcha clothes on,
Baby strip down for me,
Go on take em off.
Don't worry baby,
Imma meetcha' half way,
Cause I know you wanna see me."
Lyrics from Rihanna - Skin
Skin (Part Two)
Skin - Lilly Natural Tan - No Cleavage & Cleavage

This is Lilly from creator Rebeca Dembo of CandyDoll. The skin comes with 6 different makeup options and 6 lipstick tattoo options! Fat packs are L$2500 and one tone for L$700.

I am really impressed with Lilly. I love the shading on the face and all the makeup. I especially love the little dimples on the back. This skin is def worth a visit to CandyDoll to try a demo. You won't be disappointed.

Skin (Part Four)

Skin (Part Three)

Skin from CandyDoll - Lilly - Tan
Hair from [elikatira] - Rush - Brown 09
Eyes from L.Fauna/Chai Eyes - Gemini 1
Eyelashed from Amacci - Allure - Black
Bra from Action - Women's Bandeau Top - Ice
Top from [W&B] - Yield Knickers - Cropped Boatneck - Alabaster w/bow
Tie from DCNY Ltd. - Edition Dollarbie
Underwear from [W&B] - Yield Knickers - Cherry Blossom & Zombie
Ring from Dark Mouse - Statement Ring - Chocolates