Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All I wanna see you in is just skin...

Skin (Part One)
"So why you standing over there witcha clothes on,
Baby strip down for me,
Go on take em off.
Don't worry baby,
Imma meetcha' half way,
Cause I know you wanna see me."
Lyrics from Rihanna - Skin
Skin (Part Two)
Skin - Lilly Natural Tan - No Cleavage & Cleavage

This is Lilly from creator Rebeca Dembo of CandyDoll. The skin comes with 6 different makeup options and 6 lipstick tattoo options! Fat packs are L$2500 and one tone for L$700.

I am really impressed with Lilly. I love the shading on the face and all the makeup. I especially love the little dimples on the back. This skin is def worth a visit to CandyDoll to try a demo. You won't be disappointed.

Skin (Part Four)

Skin (Part Three)

Skin from CandyDoll - Lilly - Tan
Hair from [elikatira] - Rush - Brown 09
Eyes from L.Fauna/Chai Eyes - Gemini 1
Eyelashed from Amacci - Allure - Black
Bra from Action - Women's Bandeau Top - Ice
Top from [W&B] - Yield Knickers - Cropped Boatneck - Alabaster w/bow
Tie from DCNY Ltd. - Edition Dollarbie
Underwear from [W&B] - Yield Knickers - Cherry Blossom & Zombie
Ring from Dark Mouse - Statement Ring - Chocolates

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