Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Under hot humid skies


Oh lala so many things on the grid. I don't know where to begin. So, I'll feature a bit of everything.

First up is this hair from Angel Hair features at The Fashion Garrett. It comes in four different colours so there is something for everyone.

Also, showing a few goodies from The Season's Hunt - Summer Edition. If you're looking for the LM check out the blog. The hunt is only on til July 30th!


Hair & Hat from Angel - Samantha - Soil (TFG)
Skin from LAQ - Olivia - Peach - 03
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes
Glasses from Diram - Armelle Diva Sunglasses - Black
Necklace from Duh! - Colors of Summer Jewelry (Season's Hunt)
Cover up from Demise - Knit Cardigan
Bathingsuit from Milk Motion - My itsi bitsi bikini (Season's Hunt)
Shoes from Maitreya Gold - Flip-flops - Breeze
Poses from with love & squalor

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mixing With A New Trend

Recently I came across a few of the bloggers that I follow, and noticed they were blogging this hair from Maitreya.  I've always wanted to see male hair from this designer, but no such luck at this point.  The one thing I do like about this hair tho, is the ability to use it as a unisex style.  

One thing I can never stop buying on second life is Jeans. I recently visited Muism and found they had a a few new styles of  Jeans available.  I really do like the texture that was put into all of them.

Last thing I want to mention are these new sneakers from Hoorenbeek.  I am a true believer in white shoes or sneakers on my feet. That also stems into my real life, for some reason all other colors look off. The Streeterville line has a new style, that I haven't really seen on second life. 

Hair from Maitreya - Reign - Caramel  
Skin from Birth - Li - Straw
Eyes from Poetic Colors - Classic - Wet Moss
                                       Facial Hair 1 from JARYTH'S - 5' O Clock Stubble - Brown
Faciar Hair 2 from *Sacred* - 2.0 Facial Hair - Chin Patch v1
Jacket  from ZENITH  - Wild Checker -  DrakCyan 
Shirt from ATOMIC - Simple V - Grey 
Necklace from Ruchica - Antique Cabochon - Pearl
Tattoo from AITUI - Sacred Pain - Faded
Pants from *Muism* - Vintage  Jeans - Dark
Shoes from Hoorenbeek - Streeterville - White/Grey

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Call me Angel

Angel Hair - Ex Close Up

Very excited to show you some of the newest creations from DjAngei Fallen & MechuL Actor of Angel Hair. If you're a regular shopper at Angel Hair then you'll know these guys have been super busy pumping out hair styles. I've liked every single release that's come out so far. That's why I decided to show them all in one post.

Angel Hair Full Line Up

Each of these styles comes in a range of colours so make sure you head down to Angel Hair Main store to check out a demo.

Up first is a hair style called "Jack"
Jack is an edgy and sexy do. It's totally a unisex haircut! So gents, why not try it on, too?

Angel Hair - Jack

Hair from Angel - Jack - Black
Skin from Candy Doll - Tami - Tanned - Natural
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Grey
Eyelashes from Amacci - Allure - Black
Bangles from alamood - D'Jango Bangle Mix - Silver
Earrings from - Nemesis - Angel earrings - Silver
Dress from Maitreya - Asymmetric Dress - Brown (NEW)
Shoes from N-core - COQUETTE

Next is "Angella"

Angel Hair 3

Hair from Angel - Angella - Cherry
Skin from Candy Doll - Tami - Pale - Natural
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Celtic Green
Eyelashes from Cara Bella - Flare Lashes - Sass
Makeup from L.Fauna - Simple Smokey
Bracelet from Ha! - Leather Bands - blue
Top Layer from Grixdale - Deco Layered Necklace - Frost
Vest from Grixdale - Miller's Wife's Vests - Draft
T-shirt from fri. - Capsleeve Tee - White
Jeans from Twisted & Spoiled - Tramp Jeans - Faded
Shoes from Gos - Pimp Your Pumps - Point Platform

Then the lovely "Feray"

Angel Hair 4

Hair from Angel - Feray - Blonde & Platinum
Skin from Rockberry - Apple - Natural - Makeup L
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Blue
Necklace from Yummy - Best Friends Trinket Necklace
Ring from HolliPocket - Rock Candy Ring (Gatcha)
Top shrug from House of London - Lily Lace Embellished Vest - Rose Petals
Bow on vest from JAZUMI - Lissie - Seaside (Part of shirt)
Vest from fri. - Halter Vest - Gray
Undershirt from Whippet & Buck - Claven Lace Blouse - Eggshell (Gift)
Pants from Young Urban - Wool Pants - Light Grey
Belt from [SC] Surf Couture - Brass Rings Leather Belt - Gray
Shoes from fri. - Basic.Flats - Gray

Last is "Istanbul"

Angel Hair - Istanbul

Hair from Angel - Istanbul - Cocoa
Skin from Glam Affair - Layla - Natural -11
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Egyptian Blue
Makeup from Kyoot - Cateye 1 - Earth Pack
Earrings & Bangle from NHA! - Joanna - Military
Shirt from Crazy - Dakar Shirt
Undershirt from SU! - Basic Top - Brown
Pants from {s} - Kaly Jeans - Dark (Store is closed?)
Belt from MANDALA - Mikoto Belt -Brown
Shoes from J's - Ankle Boots Round - Dark Brown

Poses from exposeur, .tea, LAP & croire

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Face At The Circus

I would like to say a quick hello, to the followers of this blog. I will be appearing here at Vanity Circus as a guest male blogger.  I have known Temperance for quite a while now, and I've always loved her style. I couldn't think of a better person that I would want to do this with. I will be showing my styles on this blog only, so please let your friends know that a new male blogger, is on the grid. 

The leather jacket I am wearing , is the latest from Jamie Holmer at INDI Designs.  I must say, the detailing is very well done, and the colors look very rich.  If your looking for a stylish meets casual look, this is the jacket to buy.

The Lotta hair from Discord Designs is quite the attention seeker. I was very impressed with the fine detailing that was put into these amazing dreadlocks.  I am really not the one to wear dreadlocks on second life, but this hair caught my attention, at Hair Fair 2011.

Last thing I want to mention , are these stylish shoes from Redgrave. They have a great blend of style and color that will match any stylish outfit you could think of. Great Buy. 

Hair from -dDx-   Lotta - Natural Brown  HAIR FAIR 2011
Skin from Birth - Li - Straw
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Blue Pale
Sunglasses  from Role Optic - Advantage II
Facial Hair 1 from JARYTH'S - 5' O Clock Stubble - Brown
Faciar Hair 2 from ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent - Chin Curtain
Jacket from INDI Designs - Leather - Chestnut
Shirt from :SEY - Polo - Retro Border
Tattoo from AITUI - Sacred Pain - Faded
Pants from Gizza - Classic Jeans - Black
Shoes from Redgrave - Classic Loafers - Champagne

Saturday, July 9, 2011

In between

In Between

I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelmed I am by the sheer volume of new hair releases. It seems like there is new hair everywhere on the grid. I cannot keep up!

In Between - line up

I'm wearing this swimming suit from Nemesis. It's called the Dancer Swimsuit. I really love the different colours this suit comes in. It also has a matching cover up. I love the way these two pieces look together. This is def a great summer look!

I'm featuring the newest hair styles from CaTwA. Out of these three styles I have to say that Hayfa is my absolute favourite.

CaTwA - Hayfa

Hayfa comes with three different versions so if you don't like the strands of hair in your face then you can change it. Personally I love the strands across the face, it really makes it look the wind is blowing your hair. Hayfa also comes with a highlight menu so this hair has the ability to look different every time you wear it.

Next up is Lamar. I love how long this hair is. I love the shape and the soft bangs. It's a great style!

CaTwA - Lamar

Last but not least is Nouf. A short little summer bob. This does have flexi parts in it so it'll move with avie! Super cute and available in all different colours! Try a demo.

CaTwA - Nouf

Here's the outfit details:

Catwa - Hayfa Outfit

All hair from CaTwA - Hayfa, Lamar and Nouf
Skin from LAQ - Olivia - Peach - 01 (NEW!)
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey
Swinsuits from Nemesis - Dancer Swimsuit
Cover up from Nemesis - Sunset Pareo
Feet from N-core - Feet
Poses from with love & squalor and .TeaSoup

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hair Fair 2011 - Part Three

Hair Fair - Part 3 - Line Up

I hope you're ready for a picture happy post. I'm featuring Shag & Head Mistress in this portion of my Hair Fair coverage.

First up is the stuff from Shag. Did you know that Shag just got a colour overhaul? Yup, that's right. All the textures have been jacked up. I'm lovin' them. They're awesome. I'm showing you mostly the dark shades but all shades are available at the Hair Fair.

Hair Fair - Bombshell

Shag has been rockin' the bob lately. I really think this feisty little haircut it's so chic. It's edgy enough to be trendy but with the soft curls it's still cute.

Hair Fair - Ingenue

I love this tiara on Ingenue. It has a colour change option so it makes it easy to match to the rest of your jewelry. I especially love the poof on the top of this do. I really love ponytails from Shag and this one is no exception.

New on my radar at this year's Hair Fair was Head Mistress. This is my first purchase and I plan to go back for more. That's why I really love Hair Fair. Not only do you get fabulous creations from all the best hair designers on the grid, but you get the chance to find out about new creators!!!

Hair Fair - Wind in the Willows

I love the breezy look of this hair. I can def see this being used for fashion shoots in the nearfuture. I'm equally impressed with the textures on this hair. I'm addicted to brown hair and these textures are being added to my favourite pile!

Hair Fair - Just Jen

I really like the shape of Just Jen. It's stylized in the front and back which gives it a nice shape and helps to accent your face.

Now the outfits:

Skin from LAQ - Olivia - Peach - 01 (NEW!)
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey

Hair Fair - Outfit Bombshell
Hair from Shag - Bombshell - Shadow (Hair Fair)
Makeup from L.Fauna - Simple Smokey
Dress from M O N S - Ivy Summer Dress - Yellow Lace (NEW)
Flower from LaGyo - Leilani Corsage (GIFT)
Shoes from N-core - Soleil (NEW!)

Hair Fair - Ingenue Outfit
Hair from Shag - Ingenue - Raven (Hair Fair)
Makeup from L.Fauna - Beautymark - Bayonetta
Necklace from League - Wanderer Necklace- Plain -Black
Shrug from COCO - Sheared Mink Shrug - Gray
Dress from Nemesis - Explorer dress - Black
Shoes from N-core - Chic (NEW!)

Hair Fair - Wind in the Willows Outfit
Hair from Head Mistress - Wind in the Willows - Brown 3
Necklace from MOOD - Fly Away Pendant (TOSLH)
Bracelet from Ticky Tacky - Umoja Bangles - Botswana
Ring from Zaara - Trusha rings - onyx
Jacket from LeLutka - My Way Jacket - light
Shirt from Izzie's - Beaded Top - White
Shorts from Ibizarre - Jeans Bermuda - Dark Blue (Freebie)
Shoes from N-core - Sense 2 (NEW!)

Hair Fair - Just Jen Outfit
Hair from Head Mistress - Just Jen - Brown 2
Makeup from L. Fauna - Cat Liner
Headband from glow studio - Sepia Flowers hairband (TDR Blue)
Ring from NSD - Anchor Ring
Earrings from bellballs - Trendy Tribal Earring's- Snow Leopard
Bracelet from MANDALA - Milky Way Bangle - white
Outfit from INDI Designs - Tina - Zebra
Leggings from GIEREH - Sammora Set - Black Leggings (Gift)
Shoes from hoorenbeek - Zahra Boots - Black (Gift)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First time is a charm!

MSW1 - Line Up

I'm am so happy and honoured to have the chance to display some of the AMAZING pieces available at the first edition of My Second Wardrobe. It's a great collection of some of SL's finest designers. For more info visit their site MSW.

I put together three different outfits using some of the pieces from the collection. There are literally so many great buys available that I wasn't able to fit them all into one post. I am also wearing a few of the MANY lovely group gifts from the NEW Truth District.

MSW - O1
I really like this dress from KIM. It's awesome that it comes with two different colours for such a great price. As well, this skin and hair are a near steal.

Emma II comes with two different options, one with bangs and one without. Again... what a deal!!! :)

Hair from Angel - Emma II - Caramel (MSW)
Skin from CandyDoll - New Tami - Black Hairbase (MSW)
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Caribbean Blue
Neckalce from [bellballs] - Disc Charm Necklace- Pure Gold
Scarf from AddiCt -MINNU Scarf - Cocoa
Bracelet from erratic - cuff - gold
Dress from KIM- Fergily Mini Dress (MSW)
Shoes from TokiD - le ballerina Shines - Brown

MSW - O2
This outfit isn't 100% MSW but it does feature a great dress and stunning earrings from there. The other items are great too. This hair was FREE?!?! And this skin was also FREE? Both are wonderful gifts as part of the opening of the Truth District. And these shoes are new from N-Core. They are beauitfuuuuuul! I plan on wearing them again and again... and again.

Hair from Truth - Becky - Macaroon (Truth District Gift)
Skin from Curio - Airhead (Truth District Gift)
Earrings from Zaara - Ansuka Peal Drop - Day (MSW)
Necklace from Ha! - Heidi Necklace - Moonstone
Jacket from d. Select - Bavaria girl jacket - brown tweed
Dress from INDIE ROSE - Cocktail Dress - Vintage Rose (MSW)
Shoes from N-core - Coquette (NEW!)

MSW - O3
I can't believe that creator Djangei Fallen of Angel Hair has put out TWO hair styles at MSW. Wow?! Yeah. I really love the way this hair looks with the skin from Glam. It's a very pop-rock look. I used the jacket from R.icielli and a necklace and shoes also from MSW.

Hair from Angel - Georgia- Onyx (MSW)
Skin from Glam Affair - Layla Light - D HB (MSW)
Necklace from SIGMA Jewels - Adele necklace - offwhite (MSW)
Jacket from R.icielli - MARIA minijacket - BW (MSW)
Shirt from +plus - Jimmy Tee
Jeans from Suicidal Unborn - Aly Jeans - Black
Belt from COCO - Wide Belt - Black
Shoes from Miamai -DecO - Rumba Fly (MSW)

Poses from Aushka&Co - Claire Pose Set (MSW)
Glitterati - Long Hair 3 Set (Truth District Gift)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hair Fair 2011 - Part Two

Hair FairTemp&Howard2

I thought it might be neat to have a male perspective on Hair Fair so I asked my buddy Howard Rushwald to help me out with this post.

I'm featuring hair for AOHARU. I am so impressed with these designs. I really love the ribbon that's woven through two of the hair styles. Props to you AOHARU for some rockin' hair.

Hair Fair - Megan
Megan comes with a colour change script in the hat. I really love the shape of the hat it looks so realistic. I especially love the length of this hair. Not too long but not short either.

Hair Fair - Gemma
The ribbon in these next two styles comes with a colour changing script. With a simple click this hair can match any outfit. It's so super cute.

Hair Fair - Daria
AOHARU was on the ball with this style. I love the up-do and the ribbon. Beautiful!

Now for the dudes...

Hair Fair - Darell
Darell is a beanie hat/hair mix and it's super hot. I love the way it fits. I told Howard this was def a good purchase.

Hair Fair - Lovejoy
I had to admit I was excited to see NSD's hair releases. I've seen NSD styles on a few of my male friends and they're all super nice. Lovejoy is a great style!

Hair Fair - Rob
I really like the way Rob angles to the side. I especially love the texturing on both these hairs.

Now the outfits:

Hair Fair - The Outfit (2-H)

Hair from X*plosion - Darell - Brown
Skin from Birth - Li - Straw
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Blue Pale
Facial Hair 1 from NANUK - Birk Beard - Brown
Faciar Hair 2 from Trailerstar - Mutton Chops V1 - Light
Necklace from [W&B] - Memory Collector
Shirt from NANUK - Elov ripped collar shirt - Blue
Tattoo from AITUI - Sacred Pain - Faded
Shorts from INDI Designs - Cargo Shorts - White
Sandals from FIR & MNA - Andover Flip Flops - White

Hair Fair - The Outfit (2)

Hair from AOHARU - Megan 02a - Chocolate
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette - Tan
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Caribbean Blue
Necklace from Atelier AM - Pearl & Chain - White
Bracelet (L) from Nemesis - Hot bangles - russet #3
Bracelet (R) from Zaara - Nizam Bangles - pink
Outfit from Apple May Designs - Prude (NEW!)
Shoes from !haut.monde - Hondo Pumps - Latte
Bag from LeLutka- BIRGER bag - Cutis

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hair Fair 2011 - Part One

Hair Fair (Part One)

I've decided to break this into parts because of the sheer volume of AMAZING HAIR I have to post! Hair Fair opened at 12am SLT July 2nd. It's amazing. All the creators have made such great hairs. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was to blog this event. I wanted to do everything, but obviously because of time/budget I won't be able to do that. There are tons and tons of bloggers covering this event so make sure you stalk the feeds for the next few weeks.

With that being said... onto my coverage:

Hair Fair - With
Gotta say I pretty much loved all the styles [e] had out! However, I focused myself to pick my favourite and so I am wearing "With". I really love casual up-does especially with a headpiece.

Hair Fair - Luna
Oh Magika... I really love the length and the braid at the bottom.

Hair Fair - Local Native
Pr!tty is new to me but I was digging this style. I especially loved the headpiece w/ feathers. I seem to be stuck on feathers lately. lol

Hair Fair - Rebecca
Slink... I didn't know Slink did hair?! But I am super happy it was at Hair Fair. I really love this low pony style. I love the detail at the back with the braid.

Hair Fair - Knotted Hair
Oh LeLutka... you cannot do wrong in my books. I really liked everything featured at the Hair Fair but again I forced myself to pick my favourite and "Knotted Hair" came out victorious.
The outfit:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these eyes from FASHISM. I saw them on Kaelyn Alecto's blog and I told her they were stunning. She is a darling and a sweet friend and gifted them to me. Thank you Kaelyn! <3. I am really impressed with FASHISM eyes in general but these are def my fave atm!

And MIEL!!! WOW?!? This necklace is... my jam. lol ... yeah I really said that ;)

Hair Fair - The Outfit (1)

Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Caribbean Blue
Skin from dUTCH tOUCH - Megan - Fudge (First 3 pics)
Skin from Lara Hurley - Leah - Tan (Seconds 2 pics)
Bracelet from M O N S - Metal Bangle - Silvermix
Earrings from Adore&Abhor - Spacer Earring - Leo
Outfit from [W&B] Elisa Day Bodysuit BLACK
Necklace from MIEL - CHUM Necklace

It's coming...


Are you ready?

For more information visit the blog -> MSW