Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Return of Vanity Circus

Circus is back (Part 1)

I first started blogging on my own blog in late 2009. I had a passion for shopping and wanted to make myself feel better about spending copious amounts on digital fashion. Close to a year later I found myself too busy in RL to keep up with things in SL. So, I deleted my blog.

At the circus (Part 1)

I was asked by my close friend Lorellai Kondor to be a guest blogger on her site. I couldn't have been more honoured by the invitation as she was and still is one of my favourite bloggers.

However, now I'm able to balance my time. So for the time being I'm setting out to blog on my own again. I will continue to guest blog for Lorellai as well. I look forward to sharing my stylings with you and hearing your opinions!! :) <3 Temp

Circus is back (Part 2)

Circus photo taken at Mysterious Ways

Hair from Truth - Odette - Cocoa w/ bangs
Skin from Lara Hurley - Leah - Tan - Bronzed Gloss
Necklace from Indy&Co - Chablis Necklace - Gold
Necklace from LaGyo - Feuilles Necklace - Gold
Bracelet from Ticky Tacky - Gold Bangles - Antique Lace
Earrings from JCNY - Classic Diamond Stud
Shirt from Wasted Youth - French Sent Top
Pants from Kyoot - High Waisted Micro Pants - Black
Bow on Pants from Phoenix Rising - Motive Corset - Bow ONLY
Hat & Nylons from Diram - Lady Marmalade - Pink Outfit
Shoes from PM - Baby T's Plain - Soft Gold