Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn's Haven

It's been some time since I've put down prims. But, I figured it was time to do a little decorating. I didn't expect to dive into my project with so much vigour, but the autumn theme got me in the mood. I'm sad to say that my little house won't be around for much longer. I only began renting at the beginning of this month, and just received a notice that my sim is closing. It's very frustrating because so much time and effort was put into this parcel. But... c'est la vie.

Autumn's Haven - Outside

I'd like to thank a very special friend of mine for all the work she did on this project. Crain Lorefield. All of the outside landscaping and deco is thanks to her. She's a genius at landscaping sims and I've told her repeatedly that she should hire herself out. haha. Watching her turn my bare parcel into a swamp/stream/redwood forest was unreal. I couldn't believe how she turned something ugly into something so beautiful. If you're in the need of a landscaper and want someone who is super creative, then IM Crain Lorefield.

The house I used is from last year's Seasons hunt. It's called The Caramel House by Lindini2 Lane. It's currently on sale for L$100. However, I did mod this house a little bit. I extended two rooms, added a second mantel and changed the wallpaper in the bedroom. Crain also added a chimney and patio. I love that this house is mod and I'm especially found of L2 Studio builds.

Autumn's Haven - Outside3

For the credits, I made a effort to include a landmark. It took a long time to list everything out so that's why the creator's names aren't there. It's nothing personal, just a bit time consuming and I figured it's better to be able to tp to buy the product.

Autumn's Haven - Outside2

Fence - emm - hello autumn, it's me {mixed leaves}
House - L2 Studio - The Caramel House
Trees - 3D Trees - Redwood
Rocks - DECO - Cliff Rock 
Chairs & Firepit - [what next] -Autumn Porch Firepit
Vines - [[[nocc.]]] ivy03_moss green by nocco.oldrich
Tree - Botanical - Autumn Linden Small

The inside of this house was such a blast to decorate. My friend Phedre came over and helped me too. So, I need to thank her for her encouragement and assistance. 
Autumn's Haven - Inside1
Boots, Stool & Vase - {what next} Boathouse Cottage Cut Flowers 
Coat Rack - LISP - Mathilde Coat Rack
Picture - POST / Chinese Landscape Painting
Thermometer - [CT] Chemtrail - Thermometer
Side Cabinet & Light - LISP - Anna Cabinet A - Brown
Kitchen - LISP - Vine "Vite" Bistro Kitchen
Table - Second Spaces - Mismatched Dining Table
Chairs - [ARIA] Bryony dining chair 
High Chair - Y's HOUSE - Wooden High Stool 001
Shelf - MMG's - Wall shelving-nutmeg
Pie & Deco - AB - Part of Cabinet
Espresso Machine - LITHIUM - Espresso machine
Autumn's Haven - Inside2

Fireplace - [SPRY] pied-a-terre fireplace (part of a build)
Painting - Zigana - drawings
Vase - LISP - Celeste Orchid
Bird - LISP - Bird Specimen Piranga
Firewood basket - {what next} Laurel Log Basket
Sofa & Chair - LISP - Anna Set
Rug - {what next} Laurel Rug
3 Frames - LISP - Vintage Boudoir Pictures
Record Player - LISP - Groovy Lispette
Curtains - Nordari - autumn.curtain
Table behind Sofa - [Zigana] Apothecary cabinet
Fan - LISP - Fan - Texture Change 
Vase w/ letters - {what next} Laurel Cottage Tulips & Morning  Mail
 Radiator - :: AB :: Boho Radiator
 Chair - MH - canvas chair (cream)
Books - {what next} Laurel Book Pile
Computer - [AF] - AIR Notebook
Piggy Bank - Sway's [Piggy Bank] Pastel - pink (gacha)
Plant - LISP - Vintage Pot Plant
Map - PILOT - Traveler's Map 3
Autumn's Haven - Inside3
Vase - LISP - Lullaby Flower Arrangement

Blanket Box - {what next} Laurel Blanket Box
Mirror - Tatty Soup - Old Mirror Dark Wood.
Chair - LISP - Anna Chair
Frames - [North West] Triple frames on a string (brown)
Planter -  MudHoney - LanternPlant Winter
Lantern - {what next} Charlotte Lantern
Cushion - LISP - Misty Single Floor Cushion
Bed - {what next} Laurel Bed
Console table - POST - DeWitt All-Purpose Console 

Because I'm going to be leaving this land soon, I'm going to leave it open to the public. If you'd like to see it for yourself and check out the items that I wasn't able to list, you're more than welcome. Here's your wagon ride to my home. Enjoy <3 p="p">