Sunday, January 29, 2012



Today marks the start of a new round of Limited Couture, a new fashion event where the participating designers offer an exclusive version of their favorite creation and only 100 units of this item are sold! There are many great grabs there, so make sure you check it out. I, myself really enjoy the idea of owning limited clothes. I scoped up this great outfit by Izzie. I love the tucked blouse with the tweet pants. It's perfect for the classy look.

On another note, my FAVOURITE eye store FASHISM is closed!!!! Now, don't worry because this is just a temp thing. The in-world store is closed until Feb-2012 and is being rebranded (new name unknown) and remodeled. New products lines are coming, too. Ooooh yah! I'm so excited to see what else is going to be released. :) All eyes are still available on Marketplace and are on sale for only L$100 until 1/31/12.


Poses from Label Motion - Hera
Hair from [Shag] - There She Goes - kitten
Skin from Lara Hurley - Mia smokey eyes - Tan
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Arabian Blue
Eyelashes from Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.04
Earrings & ring from Izzie's - Onyx Jewelry Set (Perfect Wardrobe)
Bracelet from League - Wanderer - Black - Bracelet
Outfit from Izzie's - High-Waisted Tweed Pants+Tucked-in Blouse (LC)
Shoes from [e] Move Pumps - Onyx

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Temp's Travel Diaries - Thailand

Temp's Travel Diaries


I decided to start off the first leg of my adventures in Thailand - the ultimate hideout for the paradise lover. It's a relaxing place with friendly people, amazing food and the most beautiful beaches in the world. Once you set foot in Thailand you won't want to leave. I managed to make my way into Bangkok but having just escaped the city life I continued onwards to Phuket a gorgeous stretch of beach, hotels and clubs. My ideal hideout.


I was in a local bar with a beer in my hand when I met him. He had the swagger of a traveller and the smooth tipped tongue of a man with confidence and intelligence. I was intrigued and we spent the afternoon and much of the night talking and drinking.

As we walked along the beach, he extended an offer to show me around. Having no travel companion, I decided I'd take him up on the offer. Besides, he was great company and easy on the eyes. ;0

He told me to pack a bag and get ready for the "time of my life." Hmm...

When I met up with him again the following morning we started off on a small journey by boat, and then by foot. I was tired, sweaty and starting to question if it was a good idea to join this stranger as we hiked into the unknown. I was about to turn back when we came into a clearing encompassed by tall cliffs and a small bay. I felt like I had just walked into the movie the "Beach". It was remote and absolutely stunning with blue skies and teal water.


My beautiful stranger grinned and pointed to a villa (of course), "My home".



The next few days turned into week as I laid in the sun and ate fresh seafood. He was fantastic in more ways than one.


It turned out he's an internet millionaire, cashed in on some website that blew up and went vital over night. Since then he's lived quite comfortably in the privacy of his jungle home. I can't blame him. His small paradise was the stuff of dreams.


Finally, it was time to leave my new friend and his perfect slice of paradise. I had places to go and more people to meet. I said goodbye, kissed my friend and took one long look at cove before I hiked down the path and back across the water.


As I boarded my flight I knew that I'd be back. Thailand captured a little piece of me.

Thailand - you have my heart and soul.
xox 'til we meet again.


And, I'm onto the next place!!!!


Hair from booN - LUV205 - chocolate
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Imperial Purple
Skin from Belleza - Alyson - Tan
Tat froms AITUI TATTOO - Sakura Night
Piercings from Medley - Shadow Piercings v2-LipRing
Earrings from AITUI - Tiny Plugs - Fire Flower
Top from Zenith - color tank - Grey
Swimsuit from PIDIDDLE - Sexy Swim Kini Gift - Olive
Shorts from [SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts - Dark Blue
Shoes from Maitreya Gold - Flip-Flops Breeze
Suitcase from magi - take suitcase - brown
Poses from .label motion. - Hera (NEW)

On him:
Hair from dDx - ESD03.2 - LVE Prototypes (Darkish)
Skin from Belleza - Jacob Group gift SK
Shape CS Shapes *tosl*Prize
Eyebrow ring from CS Shapes *tosl*Prize
Necklace from Collana Unisex necklace *xyroom
Plugs from AITUI - Tiny Plugs - Fish Eye *gacha
Tats from The Dancing Crowand Minimalist Lower Wrist Wraps
Shorts from ** Drop Crotch Short Homme Houndstooth
Shoes from *FIR & MNA* Gumshoes - Khaki

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



cStar is back!!!! For those of you, who aren't familiar with the name, let me give you some details... cStar is a skin store that sells LIMITED skins. cStar was started by Unico Solo and when it first came out she would release maybe three - five different skins at a time. Of those skins there would be different skin tones but only a limited amount of each tone. So, once it was sold out, you couldn't get it. You literally owned a skin that very few others did. It's a great way to feel unique, especially in SL. Well, cStar has opened up again, with brand new skins, auctions and limited editions. There is so much going on at this main store. You should venture down there and browse the selection.

I am wearing the new N-core again... cause they're spike-tacular haha... I know terrible joke. But, really I love these shoes. If you have a hard time picking a colour, just buy the fatpack ;)

Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out and major congrats to a friend of mine. I first met Anne Dakun via her blog - Suicide Cabinet. I was immediately attracted to her styling abilities - she puts together stunning outfits... seriously this girl knows how to dress. We started chatting in world and became friends. Since then I've had the chance to watch as Anne's blogging career has bloomed in so many different directions. The girl is a blogging maniac!!! Recently, she has started making poses. She joined with Label Mode to make a pose division called Label Motion. If you're ever in need of poses I suggest you head down to Label Motion to take a look at some of Anne's creations. She's a blogger, so she knows what poses make clothes look good.

burlesque - layout

Hair from Damselfly - Morrisania - Brown Mocha Splash
Hair piece from .( bewildebeest ). Never Say Nevermore (closed)
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey
Skin from cStar - LouLou Skin [Honey] Dk Brow (NEW)
Necklace/Earrings/Bracelet from Dark Mouse My Lady Love
Cig from JCNY - Madame Couture, Cigarette and Holder
Outfit from DIRAM - PAIGE Dresses - black
Nylons from No.9 Nylons - Cuban Heel Pantyhose III - black
Shoes from N-core - COQUETTE Spikes (NEW)
Poses from label motion - Venus (NEW)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week Three - Electric Indigo


Week three was pretty difficult. I tp-d around trying to find the right outfit. I asked my friends countless times "Does this look indigo to you?". Finally I arrived at Blah. and thank my lucky flippin' stars! I found this great jumpsuit in the colour I needed. I seriously love this outfit. I especially like the fact that it comes with a sock layer so the edge of the pants doesn't cut off abruptly.

P.s. have you seen the new N-core?! Well, I'm wearing them and they're dangerous. I mean... look at the spikes, you could hurt someone ;) I plan to wear them again since they're so neat. I'm loving how N-core took an older style and spiced it up.

WeekThree - Layout

Hair from Fab-U-lous - Rebecca - Black
Hair base from Truth - Raven
Hair Pick custom made by Crain Lorefield
Skin from Illusory - Paige - Deep Tan
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Deep Eggplant
Eyelashes from Crissy Designs - Glamorous Eyelashes
Piercing from Pekka - Zassy
Bodysuit from Blah. - My Tight Bodysuit - Blue (NEW)
Nails & Bracelet/Ring from [MANDALA] Kabuki - silver phoenix
Shoes from N-core - Coquette Spikes (NEW)
Poses from label motion - Diana (@ Private Room)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching up


This post is long overdue! I recently had the chance to hang out with one of my closest friends in SL. I first met Kaelyn shopping... surprise surprise. We hit it off instantly. Shopping has a way of bringing ladies together. Since that day we've pretty much been best buddies. We try and spend time together when our schedules will permit. It's been difficult lately because I'm on a completely different time zone. So I'm waking up when she's heading to bed and vice versa.


I was able to steal Kae away from blogging and Tris for a few hours and we decided to head to a cafe to catch up. It amazing how much we have to talk about.


Kae was looking fabulous as always. It would go against our nature if we didn't snap a few photos. Thus... my blog post for today!

Credits on Kaelyn Alecto
Hair: Past (blonde 02) – Elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Skin: Telcy II (1 w/teeth) – Mother Goose *NEW (Milok Hermit)
Eyes: Sunrise pale brown XL – Fashism (Ikon Innovia)
Lashes: Black tattoo layer – Tuli (Tuli Asturias)
Nails: Nail polish fatpack – PXL (Hart Larsson)
Jacket: Porter Jean jacket (used) – {mon tissu} (Anouk Spot)
Top: Meli top (pink) – Elymode (Elysium Eilde)
Skirt: Pencil skirt (pink / mesh) – {K} Rea Mainstore *NEW (Kere Millar)
Belt: Knotbelt brown - Voix *NEW (Gisele Mubble)
Tights: Dotz tights white – MStyle (Mikee Mokeev)
Socks: Overknee socks (pink) – Izzie’s (Izzie Button)
Boots: Heathrow boots (rigged mesh) – {mon tissu} (Anouk Spot)
Necklace: heart necklace (gacha) – Izzie’s (Izzie Button)
Bracelets (left): Wanderer (wood medly) – League (Nena Janus)
Bangles (right): Angular (gacha) - Izzie’s *NEW (Izzie Button)
Bag: Bunnybag (brown) – Toki Doki (Maya Levane)
Poses: Label Motion (Anne Dakun)

Credits on me:
Hair: Rush (Brown 07) – Elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Skin: Gaia (tan) – PXL (Hart Larsson)
Eyes: Sunrise Celtic green – Fashism (Ikon Innovia)
Necklace: C88 String Necklaces (Gold) – Tres Blah (Juliette Westerburg)
Bracelet: Gold Bangles (Antique Lace) – *Ticky Tacky* (Narita Rayna)
Ring: Leather Blossom Ring – Paper Couture (Cora Lu)
Purse: Lap Pup & Bag – Sculpty Creations Animals (Jon Haskell)
Jacket: Boyfriend’s Blazer Floral Beige – So Many Styles (Irie Campese)
Top: cafe cami (fleur naturale) - {le fil casse} *NEW (Jacinda Jaxxon)
Jeans: Denim (Lou Lou light) - {mon tissu} (Anouk Spot)
Shoes: Storm Sandal in Brown Leather – [gos] (Gospel Voom)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Week Two - Coral

Week Two - Coral

Week two and I'm still in the game. I'm pretty excited about that, although I am cutting it close to the deadline. Alexohol put out this sweater in Coral especially for 52 weeks of color. So, it was an easy decision for me to wear it. Coral is a difficult colour for me to wear. I usually play it safe with neutrals, so this definitely added some splash to my normal wardrobe.

I saw these shorts on two blogs and I went mad trying to figure out where to find them. I was lucky enough to get the information from Nuria Niven of Across the 2nd Universe. She's a total sweetheart and gave me the inside swoop on these amazing shorts. Thanks Nuria! xo

The shorts are available only at The Warehouse which features The Boutique and tons of discount products from other great stores. The Warehouse requires a group tag to get into the group so make sure you join - theWarehouse Group. Right now there is a Black Friday sale so everything is marked down to 100L$ - hurry hurry!!!

Week Two - Coral Layout

Poses from (with love & squalor) - stay awake & [LAP] - M-God's Gift PR4
Hair from Fab-U-Lous - Marsha
Skin from PXL - Gaia - Tan
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Deep Brown
Piercings from .Pekka. - Zassy Piercing
Shirt from Alexohol - Dreamy Winter Sweater - Coral
Shorts from The Boutique - Belted Soft Shorts - Camel
Necklace from A BirdSong - Soar
Tights from fri. - Basic Leggings - Chocolate
Boots from [Armidi Gisaci] - Unisex Classic Moccas - Dark Brown

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 100th with Mia


I am celebrating my 100th post today!!!!!

Now, why is my 100th post so important to me? Because it shows... commitment. lol. Plain and simple. I have the attention span of a gold fish. I have the best intentions when I set out to blog, but I always seem to get side tracked. This post took me about.... no, never mind, not going to say. lol. Having completed 100 posts shows me that my passion for fashion overweighs my flighty nature. (sometimes). Yah me!


I logged today with the intentions of blogging but I didn't know where to start as I wanted my 100th to be special. The "perfect" came with the new release of Lara Hurley's "Mia" skin.


Out today, Mia comes in 5 different skin tone and ten different and beautiful makeup options. If you buy a fat pack (and really... why wouldn't you?) you get 11 skins, 10 lipsticks available in tattoo layers and 9 makeup tattoo layers! It also comes with a lighter eyebrow tattoo and a breast enhancer.


I was really excited as I flicked through all the makeups. They're so smouldering and sexy. And makeup is always fun to play with. Anyone who knows me in SL, knows that I spend most of my time walking around in Hurley skins. It's such a great skin and because of all the options it feels new every time I wear it.


Don't even get me started on all the MESH I'm wearing. I was on mesh overload today. I finally gave in and downloaded the newest viewer so I could enjoy all these beautiful clothes. Like me, if you're hesitant to try a new mesh capable viewer, don't be! I waited so long, too stubborn to give up Phoenix (p.s newest version is mesh capable). I wish I'd done it sooner because mesh clothing is a whole new world - who knew?!

Hair from TRUTH - Andrea - espresso (NEW)
Skin from Lara Hurley -Mia - Tan (NEW)
Eyes from [LeLutka] - Ellis -Marina
Eyelahes from - FTL Eyelashes - C01 Natural
Nails from N-core - Manicure
Earrings from LaGyo - Olrich earring - gold (C88)
Necklace from P.C - Heirloom Pendant
Ring from ( bewildebeest ). Bubbles Ring - Tuxedo Gold (10L$)
Tank from {le fil casse} cafe cami - steam
Cardi from Fishy Strawberry - Impromptu Cardigan - wine (NEW)
Skirt from Ingenue - Lana - Lower Skirt - Noir
Boots from Maitreya - Radical Boots - Black
Nylons from - Mstyle - Dotz Tights - Black

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week One - Champagne

Unfortunately I wasn't involved in last year's 52 weeks of colour. However, I did follow through many of my favourite bloggers. I've decided to take part in it this year since I often find it difficult to follow through with things.

If you've never heard of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge then you need to Luna Jubilee's blog. You'll be able to find more information on the challenge.

This week's colour was Champagne. :) I immediately thought of the Maitreya shirt. I paired it with some tights and a great pair of mesh boots featured at the last FLF. I'm also still wearing the new skin Sophia from Mamboo Chic. I can't take it off! :)

I really wanted to do an in world shot, at least something with a better background. But, my computer wasn't having it. I kept crashing. So, for this post I'll have to settle for the outfit layout. At least I've gotten my first week under my belt ;)

Week One - Champagne

Hair from D!va Hair - Yuri3 - Citrine
Hair base from Truth Hairbase - carob
Skin from [MC] - Sophia - Ivory
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise' Eyes - Imperial Purple
Nails from N-core - MANICURE
Ring from Paper Couture - Moon Ring
Shirt from Maitreya - Boyfriend Shirt - Champagne
Tights from fri. - Basic Leggings (Chocolate)
Shoes from Maitreya Mesh - Alexa Wedges (FLF)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 from Temp

I hope everyone is having a great time ringing in the New Year! Living in Asia I've already finished my celebrations. I had a wonderful time with my friends. I still can't believe it's already 2012! Here's to another great year! xoxo Temp

Pose prop from Sway's for SBS

I've seen a few of my favourite bloggers reflecting on the last year of their blog. I thought I'd do the same since it's a great way to look back (thanks for the super idea ppl!!!):

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My favourite outfit (actually I have two):
Oh, that's Ch1c (Part One)
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My favourite picture:
Running Fashionably Late
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