Friday, December 30, 2011

Care to mambo with Sophia?

I am so excited to show you the brand new Sophia from Mamboo Chic by Leona Olivieri. I have come to know Leona very well over the course of the year and I know she is one of the most dedicated and budding artists I've met. I've seen so much improvement since her first skin and I continue to be impressed with her new releases. I know for a fact that Leona has spent many hours perfecting this skin and she should be proud of its outcome.

Sophia - The Tones

Sophia comes in six different skin tones - Ebony, Honey, Ivory, Sunkissed, Tan, Tan2

I'd also like to point out that I'm wearing the fabulous new lingerie from Kim by Kimberly Flagon. What I love about this designer is that she's doesn't use templates. All pieces are original and hand drawn. This particular lingerie selection comes with many different options. You can wear different tops that are just black lace or add an extra flare with the leopard print. Kim has tons and tons of beautiful clothes, so make sure you head down there and shop around!

Leona has set out a few different purchase options for her new Sophia skin. You can buy two different fat packs. The first of which includes 1 base tone and 15 makeups. The other option is 1 base tone and lipsticks. You can also just get the base skin at L$850 and buy additional lipsticks/makeups separately.

Here's the makeups:
Sophia - Make Ups
Sophia will be in the MC store on January 1st. What a wonderful way to bring in the New Year!

A little bird also told me that one Sophia skin will be dropped into the Mamboo Chic group for all those special VIPs. Make sure you join the VIP group now, you won't regret it! ;)

Sophia - The Outfit

Skin from Mamboo Chic - Sophia
Eyes from Fashism
Nails from N-core - Manicure
Shoes from GOS - Pimp You Pumps - Point Platform
Lingerie from KIM - Carmen Lingerie - Leopard Series
Ring from JCNY - Lotus Mood Ring (10L special on Marketplace)
Hair from [Shag] - Pretty Please - bittersweet
::Exile:: Crystal:Rouge
::Exile:: Pulse:Raven/Sin
::Exile:: Veronique:Autumn/Fawn
[LeLutka] - AWE hair - Glucose
[LeLutka] - QCX hair - IdontBleach

Thursday, December 22, 2011

No more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world


I'm wearing the brand new skin from Akeruka called Kia. She comes in four different tones and has lots of makeup options. I'm only showing three tones in this post, so make sure you head down to the main store to try on demos.

Recently, I was lucky enough to come across a store called "Amorous" by Matchbook Monday. This jewellery is so well crafted and detailed that I couldn't resist showing it off to you. I plan to stalk Matchbook to see what else is in store with new releases. I'm only showing off a few sets today but I've got more on the way.

To show off all this fancy stuff I used poses from WetCat called "The Jewellery" which were perfect for my needs. WetCat has tons and tons of pose packs available. It's a great place to pick up single poses, themed poses or couple poses. Go down there and take a look for yourself.


Look #1
Hair from LeLutka - QCX hair - BlondeFun (NEW)
Skin from Akeruka - Kia 02 Pale (NEW)
Jewellery from Amorous - Cathartik

Look # 2
Hair from [e] - Details - Brown 10
Skin from Akeruka - Kia 11 - Olive (NEW)
Jewellery from Amorous - Simplicity

Look #3
Hair from Shag - Pretty Please - vodka (GROUP GIFT)
Skin from Akeruka - Kia 13 - Natural (NEW)
Jewellery from Amorous - Simplicity

All eyes from Fashism
All poses for this post are from WetCat - The Jeweller

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Mouth prop from A BirdSong - Letters to Santa

Hair from LeLutka - Biggest Hair - Idontbleach

Skin from Candy Doll - Sabrina Tan

Eyes from L. Fuana - CHAI Eyes - Allure - GEMINI 4

I was recently walking around the grid with I bumped into dear ol' Santa. He invited me to sit on his lap and tell him if I'd been naughty or nice. Being somewhat naive I agreed simply overjoyed that I'd found Santa. Oh, how poorly I was mistaken...

Dear Santa2

As I began rattling off my precious Christmas list, I noticed Santa's hand moving down my back. Odd. I didn't remember Santa copping a feel before. As if to confirm my suspicions he wished some very naughty things in my ear.

"Bad Santa!" I scolded, and hurried off before I really got into trouble! Beward innocent shoppers, there is a naught Santa out there. Your buns are not safe! ;)

Dear Santa3

Special thanks to my favourite naughty Santa this season - Bouncer Criss. To find out the details on his Santa avie check out his blog @ PixelPhasion4Men

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Lala

One day I came across this flickr account. I really loved the close ups this particular photographer did. So, I decided to contact her in world and I am so pleased I did. Lala Roogus is a wonderful, funny and talented photographer. See her flickr -> HERE!

Temperance by Lala Roogus

Temperance2 by Lala Roogus

Thanks Lala! <3

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Playing Pretty Dress Up

Pretty Prety Dress Up

There is tons going on in this post. I don't even know where to begin!!!! I'm featuring new stuff from MONS, CaTwA and Shag. I'm loving all the pieces and I'm so eager to show them off.

I'm really love the new styles from CaTwA. I wore one for my last post and I'm wearing two more for this post. I'm really liking both of these styles, especially Yasmeen. I love the soft side pony curls. Make sure you go try a demo.

I'm also wearing tons of MONS clothing, because creator Ekilem Melodie has been putting out so many new releases. I can hardly keep up. I decided to show off a few of my favourites.

Hair from CaTwA - Yara V2 - Mocha (NEW)
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
Skin from MONS - Eslem 2 Skin (Exclusive Fashionably Late)
Earrings from Magic Nook - Moon River Set
Jacket from ARGRACE - tailored Jacket (F) Type-A
Belt from BOOM - Lynx- Skinny Belt - teal
Dress from MONS - Blake Dress - Grey (NEW)
Shoes from [Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 - Point Platform

Hair from CaTwA - Yasmeen - Chocolate (NEW)
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
Makeup from Kyoot - Cateye 1 - Earth Pack - 2
Skin from MONS / Eslem 2 Skin (Exclusive Fashionably Late)
Earrings from bellballs - Aztec Fabric Studs
Bracelet from Bax - Flower Bracelet - Grays
Dress from MONS - Casino Dress - black (NEW)
Shoes from vive9 - Pelaje Pumps in Sky

Shag has put out this hairstyle for the Fashionably Late event. The curled up sides of the hair mixed with the roots inspired me to make a sorta retro glam look. I paired it with some retro accessories from Dark Mouse and another great MONS dress.

Hair from [Shag] - She Sends Kisses (Roots) - butterscotch (Exclusive Fashionably Late)
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
Skin from MONS - Eslem 2 Skin (Exclusive Fashionably Late)
Makeup from Kyoot - Cateye 1 - Earth Pack - 2
Earrings from Dark Mouse - Crystal Earring
Bracelet from Dark Mouse - Crystal Cuff
Dress from MONS - Gloria Dress - cold blue
Belt from Indy&Co - Marina Belt - Silver
Shoes from [PM] Pixel Mode - Baby T's - Plain - Silver

Hair from CaTwA - Yara V2 - Java (NEW)
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue
Skin from MONS - Eslem 2 Skin (Exclusive Fashionably Late)
Necklace from .+*AA*+. - Heart key necklace
Bracelet from Zaara - Nizam Choodiya (bangles) *white*
Top from MONS - Pass Top - black
Skirt from MONS - Icon Skirt - stars
Boots from MONS - Cosmo Boots - red (NEW)

Poses from Izzies - Pencil Skirt, Glitterati -086, TeaSoup, Exposeur - TM Spr 11

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter is here!

My favourite season is finally here. I loooooove winter. I love the snow and the cold weather. I love wearing winter clothes and cuddling in front of a warm fire. It's really the perfect season, if you're okay with the cold.

Winter Fun

I asked one of my besties Phedre to join me on this post. We headed done to Izzie's sim to play in all the winter glory. Izzie has decorated her sim so beautifully. The ground and trees are covered with snow and there are some fun winter props to play with. It was a great place to snap a few photos.

WinterFun - P

Phedre's wearing:
Hair from CaTwA - Yara V1 - Expresso
Skin from Pink Fuel - Chai - Copper/Espresso
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Hazel Light
Nails from N-core - Manucure
Earrings from Amorous - Antiquarian Chianti Set
Ring from Dark Mouse - Statement Ring - Chocolate
Top from Izzie's - Winter Sweater - Pink
Pants from Paradisis - Suede - Black
Belt from Pepper - Loose Belt (TFG)
Boots from GOS - Aviator Boots - Amelia - Worn


Temp's Wearing:
Hair from CaTwA - Yuna - Mocha w/ Roots (NEW)
Skin from Lara Hurley - Lara Hurley-Oksana (With Love Hunt)
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Celtic Green
Mitts from Izzie's - Norwegian Mittens pink
Necklace from - A BirdSong - Feathers Of A Heart
Top from Izzie's - Winter Sweater - white
Skirt from League - Thermal Skirt -Brown
Tights from d. Select - Pants wool tights - white norway
Boots from Armidi Gisaci - Unisex Classic Moccas - Dark Brown

Snowman from {what next} Parson Brown
Poses from Tea Soup & LP

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poison Scarlett

Poison Scarlett
Poses from exposeur - Fakin' It - Tatianna & Makeover - Ann
croire - a quick & chuckle & flashing lights

I am sooooo excited to be wearing these two brand new shoes. Both of these shoes are a fatpack MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!

The first outfit is a casual one that I have been wearing for a few days. I love all the pieces!

Hair from Fab-U-Lous - Solange - Black
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Celtic Green
Skin from MAMBOO CHIC -Shapira - Ebony
Earrings from PM - Feather Earrings in Gold
Jacket from AOHARU - NoCollarLeatherJK - Brown
Shirt from Kyoot - Chained Thread Top - White
Jeans from d. Select - low raise jeans - black
Shoes from Kalnins Footwear - Scarlett Fatpack

Brand new shoes out at N-core. When I tried these shoes on, I was so impressed. The name Poison is perfect for this new shoe. It's sexy and fierce and so very saucy. You have to go get a pair for yourself.

The brand new C88 is out! This collection is huge. It now has two rooms and tons more of selection. I picked up this dress and necklace. I think this dress is absolutely stunning. I love the lace top and the fit of the skirt. For only 88L$ you can't go wrong! I also picked up this skin from C88. I love the eyes and the lips on this Illusory skin. The were perfect when paired with the new hair from Truth. This hair is big and beautiful!!!

Hair from TRUTH - Helena - oasis (NEW)
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey
Skin from Illusory Skin - Love Milk - Winter Edge (New @ C88)
Necklace from -tb- C88 String Necklaces - Silver (New @ C88)
Bracelet from erratic - cuff - silver
Dress from Whippet & Buck - Meela Lace Dress - Aubergine (New @ C88)
Shoes from N-core - POISON (NEW)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I think I Hart you!

I've been meaning to blog this skin for quite some time now. I picked it up and have been wearing it regularly. PXL Creations is owned by Hart Larsson and having recently come across his store I've decided that I'm going to have a love affair with all that is Hart. If you have never been to his store, then you need to swing by and take a look for yourself. Unfortunately my SL budget only allows me to show of Gaia but there are tons of demos and I guarantee you will heart one of them.


3 is the magic number for Hart's awesome skin packs. They come with 3 eyebrow colours (light, medium, dark), 3 eye styles (nude, cat eyes, smokey) and 3 cup sizes (you get the picture). It also comes with a freckles opinion and a tat layer for a whole body freckles. He also sells makeup/lipsticks for each skin so you're able to mix & match and get exactly the look you want.

New to me is a store called Maai owned by Snow Wolfhunter. I've seen a few of her items here and there and have always been interested. When I saw the new release of the Sugar shoe I knew I had to own a pair... or two ;)


Of course, showing of the new release from lamb. I really like the braided bangs. Super cute! I plan to go back for the other new release. Also, wearing a cardi from Emery who can do no wrong in my books!!! I always spend so many lindens when I'm in that store.

Hair from !lamb - Mono - Snickers (NEW)
Skin from PXL - Gaia - Sunkissed
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Imperial Purple
Cardi from Emery - Oversize Cardigan Carmin - Black
Necklace 1 from MOOD - Fly Away Pendant
Necklace 2 from bellballs - Unlock my love - Gold
Necklace 3 from Gypsys - Bird Necklace
Undies from Kyoot - Soft Words Lingerie - Nude
Shoes from Maai - Sugar - Black (NEW)
Poses from Glitterati - Model Poses - 012
Slash Me Poses - me models
ilaya - girl

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stella Was a Driver

Stella Was A Driver

There were tons of great things out this week. I decided to show off my favourites.

First up was this AMAZING new style from Shag called "Stella Was A Driver". It was featured in this week's Project Themeory. But should now be available in all tones at the mainstore. What's great about this style is that it's scripted so you can have earmuffs or not. It's perfect for winter and you know you'll be able to use it again after winter is finished. That's a win-win situation in my books!

When I saw the new boots at MONS I practically flung myself down there. I'm LOVIN' these boots. They are so many different colour options, I didn't know where to begin. I decided to go with a nice neutral tone to go with the new League jacket featured at Zombiepopcorn Dark Magic Winter event. The jacket will be there 'til the 15th and then you'll be able to find it at the mainstore.

Hair from Shag - Stella was a driver - Undressed (NEW)
Skin from [PXL] GAIA SK CE LEB C3 FR
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Imperial Purple
Scarf from [SC] Surf Couture - Central Park Scarf - Cream
Jacket from League - Winter Coat -Black (NEW)
Leggings from League - Merino Leggings - Old Lavender
Boots from MONS - Snow Boots - Taupe (NEW)

Was happy to see Indy has started releasing some winter grabs. I really love the accessories from that store. Needless to say when I saw the new earrings I scooped em up! I paired them with the BRAND NEW dress from The Sea Hole. I cannot even tell you how much I drooled over this dress. I saw the ad and I fell for the rainwater colour. There is just something very captivating about this particular colour. The dress does come in many more shades so make sure you go and take a peek.

It was pure luck that Mstyle released the new "DiDi" shoes right before I started taking pics for this blog. I was able to find a colour that went nicely with the dress.

Hair from Shag - Stella was a driver - Bittersweet (NEW)
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette - Pale
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Imperial Purple
Earrings from Indy&Co - Briolette Earrings: Blanc (NEW)
Dress from The Sea Hole - Studded Chiffon Dress - Rainwater (NEW)
Shoes from Mstyle - DIDI Pumps - Silver (NEW)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slipping into Suede

Slipping into Suede

Izzie's just released a brand new version of her blazer. It now comes in suede and like the original it is a MUST HAVE. When I first found these blazers on marketplace I made the mistake of buying just one. Now that the new suede ones are out, I won't make that mistake again. I highly suggest buying the fat pack because you won't regret it. I decided to put together three different looks to show off only a few of the possibilities with these blazers.


The first look I put together used a lot of Izzie's new releases. They go so perfectly together. I really love the new clutches and gloves. They great for a sexy fierce look. I'm also showing off the new necklace from Dark Mouse for this week's Project Themeory.

Hair from [e] - Details - Brown 10
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Rose
Eyelashes from Izzie's - Eyelashes - v1.02 (NEW)
Skin from Lara Hurley - Odette hairbase/Tan
Earrings from bellballs - My Bow Earrings - White
Necklace from Dark Mouse - Happy Bow (NEW for Project Themeory)
Gloves from Izzie's - Leather Gloves - Blue (NEW)
Jacket from Izzie's - Suede Blazer - Blue (NEW)
Top from LpD - Lady One Portrait
Skirt from Bebe Doll - Mila MiniSkirt - Gray
Socks from Izzie's - Garter Sockers - Grey
Cluth from Izzie's - Clutch - Blue
Shoes from [e] - Move Pumps - Navy

The second look was also very dressy. I picked up this amazing dress as part of the Black Friday sale at MichaMi. I plan to show this dress of again. I just love the curve and the zipper in the back. I paired it with Izzie's Blazer in brown and the BRAND new shoes from Kalnins called Audrey. Audrey comes with a simple hud so the color options are endless. These shoes are also featured in blue for this session of The Dressing Room Blue.


Hair from Lelutka - Mourray Hair - Burnt
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Rose
Eyelashes from Izzie's - Eyelashes - v1.03 (NEW)
Necklace from Dark Mouse - Cursed Pearls Necklace (NEW)
Jacket from Izzie's - Suede Blazer - Biege (NEW)
Dress from MichaMi - Marinara - Brown (Black Friday Special)
Shoes from Kalnins - Audrey (NEW)

My last look was much more casual. I love that these blazers have the option to be dressy or everyday. Like I said before they're a must have accessory for every fashion lover.


Hair from Maitreya - Alex - Chocolate
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Rose
Eyeshadow from L.Fauna - Simple Smokey
Neckalce 1 from Fusion - Long Chained Charm Necklace
Necklace 2 from W&B - Memory Collector Necklace
Jacket from Izzie's - Suede Blazer - Green (NEW)
Top from Surf Couture - I'm A Little Bit Country - Mossy Creek
Jeans from BeBe Doll - Jeanie Jeans - Denim 2
Belt from Mandala - Mikoto Belt - Brown
Boots from mon tissu - Provence Riding boots - Dark Brown

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Light & Dark

I've been meaning to blog this first look for a while now. I really loved this round of Collabor88. So many goodies! I think I bought the whole place out. My favourite grabs were this dress, bangles and skin. I haven't been able to take off this Illusory skin. It went perfectly with Sugarsmack's Cole hairstyle. I finished it off with one of two great new releases from Kalnins Fashion - Lizette. I'm really happy to see Kalnins coming out with new stuff. The shoe comes with a great little hud so you're able to change the shoe to fit whatever outfit you want. I hope to show off the other new release, too.


Hair from SugarsmacK - Cole - Maple-Berri Blondie
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Caribbean Blue
Eyeliner from L.Fauna - Cat Liner
Belt from BOOM - Lynx - Skinny Belt - Teal
Skin from Illusory - Paige - Milk - Soft Touch (Collabor88)
Shoes from Kalnins Footwear - Lizette (NEW)
Bangles from The Sea Hole - Corsage Ring & Bangles (Collabor88)
Dress from The Sea Hole - Soft Exposure Ribbon Dress - Noir (Collabor88)

For my second look... I was so pumped to see that Bebe Doll released this brand new sweater dress. I love the designs round the midsection. You know it's just one of those must have winter outfits. I paired it up with the brand new hair from Truth. I'm all about side-styled looks. Like all things Truth, this hair is awesome! I put on this AMAZING skin from PXL called Gaia. I bought it about a month ago. I've been meaning to do a blog post to show it off a bit more, so look back this weekend. ;)


Hair from Truth - Clara - Mahogany (NEW)
Skin from PXL - Gaia
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Deep Eggplant
Necklace from Magic Nook - Sweetheart Necklace - Silver
Dress from BeBe Doll - Revi Sweater Dress - Gray (NEW)
Leggings from JANE - lil piggies tights - pink salmon
Boots from [e] - Secret Boots - Dune

Friday, November 18, 2011

She sat around like a vintage queen

Vintage - Bonne

Yikes... it's been a while since I've posted. I've been on a bit of hiatus, and I'm not sure how much I'll be posting. I hope to get back to regular updates but... I can't promise. For now I'll be doing what I can, when I can.

She sits around like a vintage queen

I recently saw these two new hair release from two awesome hair creators. They were what motivated me to post today. Both Shag & Sugarsmack are featuring two style at this year's Vintage Fair.

She sits around like a vintage queen2

Equally motivated by N-Core's new release as well. The new shoes are called Jolie and they're super cute with a polka dot flair, they even have a little bow at the top of the toe strap. I sorta have a thing for polka dot shoes... grins.

Vintage - N-Core

I hope to do a little more coverage of The Vintage Fair but no promises. Make sure you head down there and check out the goodies. Here's a few bloggers that have done awesome coverage so far: Kaelyn, Bouncer, Paris & Lolitta, Anne, GOGO, Mar & Ree and so mmmmmany more.

Vintage - Sugarsmack

Hair from SugarsmacK - Bonne & Cat (Vintage Fair)
Eyeliner from L.Fauna - Cat Liner
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Caribbean Blue
Skin from Illusory - Paige - Milk - Soft Touch (Collabor88)
Bangles from The Sea Hole - Corsage Ring & Bangles (Collabor88)
Lingerie from artilleri - Deanna Lingerie - Polka Red
Shoes from N-core - Jolie (NEW)

Vintage - Shag

Hair from Shag - Hello, Goodbye (Vintage Fair)
Eyeliner from L.Fauna - Cat Liner
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Caribbean Blue
Skin from Illusory - Paige - Milk - Soft Touch (Collabor88)
Bangles from MONS - Big Bangle & Metal Bangle
Earrings from bellballs - Dangling Disc Earrings - Pearl
Necklace from SiSSi - Where are my glasses
Top from milk motion - My blouse - Blue flowers
Skirt from The Secret Store - Pencil Skirt - Charcoal
Shoes from N-core - Jolie (NEW)
Furniture & Camera from What Next (Vintage Fair)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Halloween Costumes


Thought I'd share some of my costumes.
Happy Halloween!

Catwoman Suit from B.D.R (99L$ Special)
Skin from Glam Affair - Nina
All eyes from FASHISM - Pale Rose

Tinkerbell outfit from Deviance
Hair from !lamb - Isolation - Pale
Skin from Belleza - Aiko - pale (group gift)

Hair from MIRAI STYLE - Chib - Pinkbeige
Skin from Deviant Designs - Imogen COPPER
Outfit from DIRAM - Lady Marmalade - PINK
Bracelets & Nails from MANDALA - Takara
Shoes from Bb - Ankle boots - Black

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Showing off a few goodies from this week's GFW! I love sales. I know you do, too!


Don't even get me started on how much I'm digging this sweater from Hollipocket. It's a must have. It comes with two different colours in each pack. There are also two neck options. It's my favourite item this week! I paired it up with the beautiful high-waist skirt from The Secret Store. I am planning to go back and buy the fat pack of these skirts. They're so well made.

For my second outfit, I wore these brown/blue jeans. They're pretty neat. They've got a cowboy feel to them so I thought I'd play that up. I paired it with another GFW item - a necklace from LOULOU.

The tattoo that's worn in both pics is from Tenjin. This tattoo place is a store that's only recently come onto my radar and I haven't been disappointed with any of the latest releases. This particular tattoo is on the upper stomach and chest and covers a bit of the shoulder blade too.

OMG!!!! I recently came across this fabulous new (to me) hair stored called "Sugarsmack". The blonde highlighted tones and really awesome hairstyles drew me in. I loved literally everything!!! I am only showing one style today, but I plan and featuring some more styles from there ASAP. If you've never heard of Sugarsmack then head on down and try out a few demos.

P.s. Izzie's has just come out with a brand new pose set designed specifically for pencil skirts. Any woman out there who blogs or just takes a lot of pics needs this pack. These are such a great investment. You'll find yourself using them again and again. I've only had them for a day and I've already managed to use them. I'm sure they'll come in handy in the future as well.

Poses from Izzie's (Pencil Skirt Poses) & .Tea (store closed)


Hair from Sugarsmack - Juliet - Nanas Foster
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Warm Silver
Skin from League - Taylor - Sunkiss
Earrings from erractic - hoop earrings - silver
Top from HolliPocket - Cover Up Cowl - Black (GFW)
Tat from Tenjin - Cherry Blossom Tattoo Faded 2 (GFW)
Belt from BOOM - Lynx - Skinny Belt- Cherry
Skirt from The Secret Store - Pencil Skirt - Charcoal
Shoes from N-core - COQUETTE Glitter Edition


Hair from [e] Claim - Brown 07
Skin from Lara Hurley - Dessa for The Platinum Hunt
Necklace from LOULOU&CO - Necklace HESPERIDE (GFW)
Shirt from *GF* Ruffle Tops - white
Tat from Tenjin - Cherry Blossom Tattoo Faded 2 (GFW)
Belt from N-core - Braided Belt - Brown
Jeans from Melancholia - Heartful Jeanz - brown
Shoes from J's - Ankle Boots Round - Dark Brown

Sunday, October 23, 2011

She's like the wind

She's like the wind

CaTwA has been on a roll lately, with back to back release! I can barely keep up (lol). Make sure you head down to the main store for a demo. OR you can get demos delivered right to you via marketplace.

In this post I'm showing off the style I like the best. It's called Marina and it's another one of those gorgeous blowing in the wind hairstyles. It comes in many different shades and even has some shades with roots. Also, there are two poses included!

She's Like the Wind2

I'm also wearing the brand new skin from MONS! It's called Nil and I'm wearing it in the tan tone. It comes with different brow and cleavage options. I really like how MONS is giving brows options in a tattoo layer, it makes things so much easier! I plan on showing off this skin a little more. Stay tuned!

Here are some other new hairstyles from Catwa! There are tons and tons so make sure you go look for yourself!

CaTwA - Carol

CaTwA - Carolyn

CaTwA - Caron

CaTwA - Mandy

She's like the windlayout

Hair from CaTwA - Marina - Chestnut Roots (NEW)
Skin from MONS - Nil - Tan - Candy (NEW)
Eyes from Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Grey
Necklace from Statique. - HOPE necklace (PCF Event)
Bracelet from Willow - Turquoise & Leather Cuff
Ring from MONS - Ring - Pupy Cat (bronze)
Sweater from Tres Blah - Relaxed Kimono - Birds
Tank from League - Spring Frill Neck Camisole - Brown
Belt from Pepper - Loose Belt (TFG)
Shorts from paper.doll - Rolled Denim Shorts - Faded Wash
Shoes from Willow - Creek Moccasins (Season's Hunt)