Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Mouth prop from A BirdSong - Letters to Santa

Hair from LeLutka - Biggest Hair - Idontbleach

Skin from Candy Doll - Sabrina Tan

Eyes from L. Fuana - CHAI Eyes - Allure - GEMINI 4

I was recently walking around the grid with I bumped into dear ol' Santa. He invited me to sit on his lap and tell him if I'd been naughty or nice. Being somewhat naive I agreed simply overjoyed that I'd found Santa. Oh, how poorly I was mistaken...

Dear Santa2

As I began rattling off my precious Christmas list, I noticed Santa's hand moving down my back. Odd. I didn't remember Santa copping a feel before. As if to confirm my suspicions he wished some very naughty things in my ear.

"Bad Santa!" I scolded, and hurried off before I really got into trouble! Beward innocent shoppers, there is a naught Santa out there. Your buns are not safe! ;)

Dear Santa3

Special thanks to my favourite naughty Santa this season - Bouncer Criss. To find out the details on his Santa avie check out his blog @ PixelPhasion4Men

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