Thursday, January 19, 2012

Temp's Travel Diaries - Thailand

Temp's Travel Diaries


I decided to start off the first leg of my adventures in Thailand - the ultimate hideout for the paradise lover. It's a relaxing place with friendly people, amazing food and the most beautiful beaches in the world. Once you set foot in Thailand you won't want to leave. I managed to make my way into Bangkok but having just escaped the city life I continued onwards to Phuket a gorgeous stretch of beach, hotels and clubs. My ideal hideout.


I was in a local bar with a beer in my hand when I met him. He had the swagger of a traveller and the smooth tipped tongue of a man with confidence and intelligence. I was intrigued and we spent the afternoon and much of the night talking and drinking.

As we walked along the beach, he extended an offer to show me around. Having no travel companion, I decided I'd take him up on the offer. Besides, he was great company and easy on the eyes. ;0

He told me to pack a bag and get ready for the "time of my life." Hmm...

When I met up with him again the following morning we started off on a small journey by boat, and then by foot. I was tired, sweaty and starting to question if it was a good idea to join this stranger as we hiked into the unknown. I was about to turn back when we came into a clearing encompassed by tall cliffs and a small bay. I felt like I had just walked into the movie the "Beach". It was remote and absolutely stunning with blue skies and teal water.


My beautiful stranger grinned and pointed to a villa (of course), "My home".



The next few days turned into week as I laid in the sun and ate fresh seafood. He was fantastic in more ways than one.


It turned out he's an internet millionaire, cashed in on some website that blew up and went vital over night. Since then he's lived quite comfortably in the privacy of his jungle home. I can't blame him. His small paradise was the stuff of dreams.


Finally, it was time to leave my new friend and his perfect slice of paradise. I had places to go and more people to meet. I said goodbye, kissed my friend and took one long look at cove before I hiked down the path and back across the water.


As I boarded my flight I knew that I'd be back. Thailand captured a little piece of me.

Thailand - you have my heart and soul.
xox 'til we meet again.


And, I'm onto the next place!!!!


Hair from booN - LUV205 - chocolate
Eyes from FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Imperial Purple
Skin from Belleza - Alyson - Tan
Tat froms AITUI TATTOO - Sakura Night
Piercings from Medley - Shadow Piercings v2-LipRing
Earrings from AITUI - Tiny Plugs - Fire Flower
Top from Zenith - color tank - Grey
Swimsuit from PIDIDDLE - Sexy Swim Kini Gift - Olive
Shorts from [SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts - Dark Blue
Shoes from Maitreya Gold - Flip-Flops Breeze
Suitcase from magi - take suitcase - brown
Poses from .label motion. - Hera (NEW)

On him:
Hair from dDx - ESD03.2 - LVE Prototypes (Darkish)
Skin from Belleza - Jacob Group gift SK
Shape CS Shapes *tosl*Prize
Eyebrow ring from CS Shapes *tosl*Prize
Necklace from Collana Unisex necklace *xyroom
Plugs from AITUI - Tiny Plugs - Fish Eye *gacha
Tats from The Dancing Crowand Minimalist Lower Wrist Wraps
Shorts from ** Drop Crotch Short Homme Houndstooth
Shoes from *FIR & MNA* Gumshoes - Khaki

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