Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hair Fair 2011 - Part One

Hair Fair (Part One)

I've decided to break this into parts because of the sheer volume of AMAZING HAIR I have to post! Hair Fair opened at 12am SLT July 2nd. It's amazing. All the creators have made such great hairs. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was to blog this event. I wanted to do everything, but obviously because of time/budget I won't be able to do that. There are tons and tons of bloggers covering this event so make sure you stalk the feeds for the next few weeks.

With that being said... onto my coverage:

Hair Fair - With
Gotta say I pretty much loved all the styles [e] had out! However, I focused myself to pick my favourite and so I am wearing "With". I really love casual up-does especially with a headpiece.

Hair Fair - Luna
Oh Magika... I really love the length and the braid at the bottom.

Hair Fair - Local Native
Pr!tty is new to me but I was digging this style. I especially loved the headpiece w/ feathers. I seem to be stuck on feathers lately. lol

Hair Fair - Rebecca
Slink... I didn't know Slink did hair?! But I am super happy it was at Hair Fair. I really love this low pony style. I love the detail at the back with the braid.

Hair Fair - Knotted Hair
Oh LeLutka... you cannot do wrong in my books. I really liked everything featured at the Hair Fair but again I forced myself to pick my favourite and "Knotted Hair" came out victorious.
The outfit:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these eyes from FASHISM. I saw them on Kaelyn Alecto's blog and I told her they were stunning. She is a darling and a sweet friend and gifted them to me. Thank you Kaelyn! <3. I am really impressed with FASHISM eyes in general but these are def my fave atm!

And MIEL!!! WOW?!? This necklace is... my jam. lol ... yeah I really said that ;)

Hair Fair - The Outfit (1)

Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Caribbean Blue
Skin from dUTCH tOUCH - Megan - Fudge (First 3 pics)
Skin from Lara Hurley - Leah - Tan (Seconds 2 pics)
Bracelet from M O N S - Metal Bangle - Silvermix
Earrings from Adore&Abhor - Spacer Earring - Leo
Outfit from [W&B] Elisa Day Bodysuit BLACK
Necklace from MIEL - CHUM Necklace

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