Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hair Fair 2011 - Part Three

Hair Fair - Part 3 - Line Up

I hope you're ready for a picture happy post. I'm featuring Shag & Head Mistress in this portion of my Hair Fair coverage.

First up is the stuff from Shag. Did you know that Shag just got a colour overhaul? Yup, that's right. All the textures have been jacked up. I'm lovin' them. They're awesome. I'm showing you mostly the dark shades but all shades are available at the Hair Fair.

Hair Fair - Bombshell

Shag has been rockin' the bob lately. I really think this feisty little haircut it's so chic. It's edgy enough to be trendy but with the soft curls it's still cute.

Hair Fair - Ingenue

I love this tiara on Ingenue. It has a colour change option so it makes it easy to match to the rest of your jewelry. I especially love the poof on the top of this do. I really love ponytails from Shag and this one is no exception.

New on my radar at this year's Hair Fair was Head Mistress. This is my first purchase and I plan to go back for more. That's why I really love Hair Fair. Not only do you get fabulous creations from all the best hair designers on the grid, but you get the chance to find out about new creators!!!

Hair Fair - Wind in the Willows

I love the breezy look of this hair. I can def see this being used for fashion shoots in the nearfuture. I'm equally impressed with the textures on this hair. I'm addicted to brown hair and these textures are being added to my favourite pile!

Hair Fair - Just Jen

I really like the shape of Just Jen. It's stylized in the front and back which gives it a nice shape and helps to accent your face.

Now the outfits:

Skin from LAQ - Olivia - Peach - 01 (NEW!)
Eyes from FASHISM - Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey

Hair Fair - Outfit Bombshell
Hair from Shag - Bombshell - Shadow (Hair Fair)
Makeup from L.Fauna - Simple Smokey
Dress from M O N S - Ivy Summer Dress - Yellow Lace (NEW)
Flower from LaGyo - Leilani Corsage (GIFT)
Shoes from N-core - Soleil (NEW!)

Hair Fair - Ingenue Outfit
Hair from Shag - Ingenue - Raven (Hair Fair)
Makeup from L.Fauna - Beautymark - Bayonetta
Necklace from League - Wanderer Necklace- Plain -Black
Shrug from COCO - Sheared Mink Shrug - Gray
Dress from Nemesis - Explorer dress - Black
Shoes from N-core - Chic (NEW!)

Hair Fair - Wind in the Willows Outfit
Hair from Head Mistress - Wind in the Willows - Brown 3
Necklace from MOOD - Fly Away Pendant (TOSLH)
Bracelet from Ticky Tacky - Umoja Bangles - Botswana
Ring from Zaara - Trusha rings - onyx
Jacket from LeLutka - My Way Jacket - light
Shirt from Izzie's - Beaded Top - White
Shorts from Ibizarre - Jeans Bermuda - Dark Blue (Freebie)
Shoes from N-core - Sense 2 (NEW!)

Hair Fair - Just Jen Outfit
Hair from Head Mistress - Just Jen - Brown 2
Makeup from L. Fauna - Cat Liner
Headband from glow studio - Sepia Flowers hairband (TDR Blue)
Ring from NSD - Anchor Ring
Earrings from bellballs - Trendy Tribal Earring's- Snow Leopard
Bracelet from MANDALA - Milky Way Bangle - white
Outfit from INDI Designs - Tina - Zebra
Leggings from GIEREH - Sammora Set - Black Leggings (Gift)
Shoes from hoorenbeek - Zahra Boots - Black (Gift)

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