Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mixing With A New Trend

Recently I came across a few of the bloggers that I follow, and noticed they were blogging this hair from Maitreya.  I've always wanted to see male hair from this designer, but no such luck at this point.  The one thing I do like about this hair tho, is the ability to use it as a unisex style.  

One thing I can never stop buying on second life is Jeans. I recently visited Muism and found they had a a few new styles of  Jeans available.  I really do like the texture that was put into all of them.

Last thing I want to mention are these new sneakers from Hoorenbeek.  I am a true believer in white shoes or sneakers on my feet. That also stems into my real life, for some reason all other colors look off. The Streeterville line has a new style, that I haven't really seen on second life. 

Hair from Maitreya - Reign - Caramel  
Skin from Birth - Li - Straw
Eyes from Poetic Colors - Classic - Wet Moss
                                       Facial Hair 1 from JARYTH'S - 5' O Clock Stubble - Brown
Faciar Hair 2 from *Sacred* - 2.0 Facial Hair - Chin Patch v1
Jacket  from ZENITH  - Wild Checker -  DrakCyan 
Shirt from ATOMIC - Simple V - Grey 
Necklace from Ruchica - Antique Cabochon - Pearl
Tattoo from AITUI - Sacred Pain - Faded
Pants from *Muism* - Vintage  Jeans - Dark
Shoes from Hoorenbeek - Streeterville - White/Grey

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