Monday, April 25, 2011

An afternoon at Dai's house

Dai's house

I've been having major decorating issues! I cannot for the life of me decorate this house I have from y's house! I mentioned my frustrations to friend and fellow blogger Dailyn Holfe of Daily[n] News. She shared my frustration as she'd just finished decorating her little slice of paradise and suggested I take a look for inspiration. Her little abode did inspire me, but not for decorating! Instead I throw together a look - go figure?!

Thanks Dai for letting me crash your pad!

Dai's House 3

HUGE FAN of this skin from L.Fauna. It's my first ever. I KNOW, you can judge. I have this safe place with skins and I usually stick to the same ones. As of late I have been trying to branch out - so give me some credit! Lola, is one of my branch out experiences and I'm so happy I got it. It's so natural and youthful. I especially love the freckles sprinkled across the nose and cheeks. I think it's a great spring look, fresh and fabulous. L.F is having a 50% off sale right now, so make sure you take a look!

Dai's House 2

Despite spending ridiculous amounts of lindens in such a short time I'm still a happy camper!
It all started with the new hair from LeLutka. As soon as I got that NC I knew I was done for. I raced down there and picked up Watson. Then I saw the new release at MIEL. Frig... I had to have these boots too. I really like how it comes with the colour changing script/hud. So much better than changing your prims. Then I heard about the new shorts from Zaara and I had to get a pair. Love em! Just before I logged I got another notecard about the new lineup at TFG. As if my lindens were safe after that...

Hair from LeLutka - Watson - I don't bleach
Skin from L.Fauna - Lola - Tan 1 - Fresh 00
Eyeshadow from L.Fauna - Simple Smokey
Eyelashes from Amacci - Donna - Black
Eyes from CHAI Eyes - Gemini
Jewelery from Donna Flora - Pasqualina Set (FREEBIE)
Jacket from La BlaQ - Alexander Oasis Jacket - TFG
Top from Doppelganger Inc. - Billie Blouse
Shorts from Zaara - Neha Spring Shorts - Navy
Shoes from MIEL - Troupe Shoes - Natural


  1. Love those shoes <33
    Adding you to my blogroll, thanks for having me in yours :D

  2. Of course! I love your blog! and thanks for the add as well! :)