Monday, May 28, 2012

Last call for the Home Expo

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. Today is sadly the last day of the Home Expo. I hope you've all had the chance to go down and browse the different sims. The 2012 Home and Garden Expo in support of Relay For Life of SecondLife and the American Cancer Society will close on May 28th at 10pm SLT.

For my last post on the expo I wanted to show off a new to me store called Circa. I really enjoy finding new places that are awesome. I love the stuff from this store so much that I dropped them in my house as soon as I got them.

HE - Circa1

This is called LivingLife GreenHouse and it's  RFL item available at the Expo. It's great for all those green thumbs out there. It comes with planters, shelves, a desk and stool.

HE - Circa2

The next is called Parkette - Dandelion Bottles. I really like these.

HE - Circa3

Last thing I'm showing off is the The GreenHouse Multi Stand in Blonde. It has 5 different plants sitting on different stands. Get item to get some greenery in your home.

I hope you get a chance to visit Circa at the Expo. But, if not here is the main store LM.

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