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Behind the Curtain with Izzie Button

Curtains - Izzie4

Most of you might know Izzie Button as the wonderful artist behind Izzie's.  A women's clothing store that has a wide collection from casual & basics wear, to nails and accessories. Lately, Izzie has even revamped her skin collection. It has literally become the one stop destination for any woman looking to spruce up her closet. It's affordable, well designed, and it's trendy!! 

I first began working with Izzie almost an year ago. She was so friendly and welcoming that we just started talking more often. Now, she has become a dear friend. I asked Izzie if I could interview her for my 'Behind the Curtain' feature of my blog and she agreed. She joked that she didn't have a home to show... of course I didn't believe her. But, she was telling the truth - but only a quarter of it ;)

Here's our interview: 

Temp: Favourite designer (other than yourself ) to wear? 

Izzie: My overall favorite clothing stores are Maitreya and Mon Tissu. But, lately I've been wearing mesh so I've been getting clothes from coldLogic. I usually mix and match my own with other designers too. 

Temp: Three fashion accessories you can't live without?

Izzie: The mesh feet from Slink (i hardly ever wear shoes), i wear them all the time, Sunrise and Horizon Eyes from IKON and my Classic Nails Set.

Temp: Blonde, red or brunette? What's your favourite shade of hair to wear? 

Izzie: My favorite shade of hair is black, but from time to time i also wear brown and blonde shades depending on my mood and style. i'm not a huge fan of red hair though, you will hardly ever see me as a redhead.

Temp: Favourite hairstyle? Or hair designer? 

Izzie: I'm a hair addict and I have many favorite hair designers whose stores i visit frequently, it's hard to pick just one of them. Where I spend most L$ are definitely Truth, Elikatira and Wasabi Pills followed by Exile, Magica and LeLutka.

Curtains - Izzie3

Temp: What's your motto/advice that you live by?

Izzie: Always treat other people the way you want to be treated. Be nice and polite and treat everyone respectfully even if it seems hard sometimes, at least try, it will pay off :)

Temp: How/why did you start creating?

Izzie: The idea arose from pure boredom and not knowing what to do in SL. I spent my first weeks hunting for freebies and playing zyngo and all kinds of games. After some time it wasn't fun anymore so i wondered what else i could do. I have always been fascinated by the creations of other designers and I wondered how they do that and if i could do it too. So I started reading and watching lots of tutorials how to create clothes and all kinds of other things in SL and gave it a try. With the money from my Zyngo winnings I financed the upload costs and i spent much time and effort to create something reasonable. It was a long way with lots of ups and downs but I moved on because I noticed how much I enjoyed it and it made me proud of myself and also I finally found a meaning in my SL life.

Temp: What's your fashion pet-peeve?

Izzie: Face lights and bling scripted objects as well as running around with absolutely non fitting clothing attachments (like necklace or collar hovers somewhere over the neck, sculpted bottoms that are too big/small, prim skirts...).

Temp: Favourite fashion season?

Izzie: Spring and Fall.

Curtains - Izzie2

Temp: When you look for homes in sl, what is the most important feature for you? (prims/textures/style/lighting, etc.)

Izzie: Actually I never look for homes in SL and I don't even have one lol. Most of the time I stay in my empty skybox with 4 plain gray colored walls, no roof, my pose stands, background wall for making pics and lots of space for creating items. So the most important feature would be in this case that I have enough room for creating and that there are no unnecessary objects im my way. Some weeks ago I created and furnished a small livingroom at my sim for a photoshoot with my friends Kaelyn Alecto and Anne Dakun. The room is still there, next to my mainstore on the ground and everyone is welcome to hang out there if wanted. So this was my first attempt to furnish a livingroom and it was important to me to use bright and pleasant colors so you get a happy but relaxed feeling when entering and also I used lots of decoration (wall decoration, lights, plants, cushions, rugs...) and some personal things to create a comfortable ambience...

Curtains - Izzie1

Temp: What's your favourite piece in your home?

Izzie: In my livingroom home: The Spring Words Sofa from LISP, it's so comfortable and I love the spring colors and flower patterns on it. And of course, what's never missing, the 1 and 2 prim cats from *SHOP SEU* they've been with me since the beginning of my designing career. They've always been present in my stores from the beginning, they are my mascots. But in my skybox home: my pose stand is my favourite because it comes in handy all the time

What Izzie is wearing:
Skin, shape & make-up from Izzie's - Delusional Skin
Hair from Elikatira - Never
Necklaces from Izzie's - 50's Pearl Necklace brown & Izzie's - Owl Necklace
Earrings from Izzie's - Angular Earrings - brown
Bangle from Izzie's - Faceted Wood Bangle yellow
Nails from Izzie's - Spring/Summer 2012 Classic Nails
Overalls from Not so Bad - Bree Overall
Feet from Slink - Mesh Feet

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