Monday, May 21, 2012

Another day @ The Home Expo

I found myself wandering around the expo again today. With some many different sims I doubt I'll ever be able to see it all - but, I'm going to try! ;) This time, I made it to LeeZu, Scarlet Creative, Artilleri and Cheeky Pea.

LeeZu by Leezu Baxter

HET - Leezu1

I am lovin' LeeZu's setup at the expo. I had to stop myself from buying the house right then and there and all the furniture. I just purchased a new house a few weeks ago so I couldn't justify getting another one. But, the didn't stop me from appreciating all the glorious decor that LeeZu had to offer!

HET - Leezu2

For the donation item LeeZu set out a mesh bowl and lamp. Great modern design. I was especially fond of the house set up. I wanted every single piece of furniture in there.

HET - Leezu3

Scarlet Creative by Charlotte Bartlett

HET - Scarlet1

I was really excited to see Scarlet Creative at the expo. I happen to be living in one of the houses featured here this year. I really love the modern and creative design of all her houses. I snuck into one of the houses to snap some photos. I really enjoy how you're giving a clean palette to work with. Most of the houses are textured in very neutral tones which makes it ubber easy to decor in a wide range of colours.

HET - Scarlet2

Artilleri by Antonia Marat

I've always had a thing for Artilleri furniture. I love how the pieces can fit in a modern house or a retro one. I always have a few pieces from there in each of my houses.

HET - Art1

HET - Art2

Artilleri has two things out for RFL. I loved both of these items. 

HET - Art3

Also a huge fan of this record player. ;)

My last stop for the day was at Cheeky Pea by Isla Gealach

Coille House (MESH) -> 1 bedroom L$ 2,000
                                    -> 3 bedroom L$ 2,500

HET - Cheeky1

HET - Cheeky2

HET - Cheeky3

HET - Cheeky4

HET - Cheeky5

HET - Cheeky6

I was so impressed by this house I spent most of my time there walking around. It is not only well designed but so well decorated I wanted to move right in. Most of the pieces are for sale as well, so make sure you browse the selection and pick up a few things!! This house is available for viewing at two locations - the expo and Cheeky Pea's main store.

I'm wearing:

Hair from [e] - Never - Blonde 11 by Elikapeka Tiramisu (NEW)
Skin from Lara Hurley- Katya natural/Tan by Lara Hurley
Eyes from IKON - VIP GIFT 2 - Summer by Ikon Innovia
Eyelashes from Izzie's - Eyelashes v1.08 by Izzie Button
Nails from N-core Manicure by Claire Messenger
Bracelet (R) from MONS - Oval Bangle - Black by ekilem Xenno
Bracelet (L) from MONS - Big Bangle - silver&white by ekilem Xenno
Headband from Elate! - Silk Bow (Group gift) by 
Shirt from Hucci - Salli Crop Tank - Midnight by Eboni Khan (NEW)
Skirt from Hucci - Tai Skirt - Spring Delight 2 by Eboni Khan (NEW)
Shoes from N-core COQUETTE by Claire Messenger
Poses from Label Motion - Bell by Anne Dakun

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