Thursday, June 16, 2011


Alizee - Full Bright

NEW!!!! skin is out at CandyDoll called Alizee. She is supa' sexy! Add it to my list of skins that I love from CandyDoll (lol). I'm pretty sure I'm going to be wearing Alizee for a while. I really love the the detail in the body. I especially love how the hips and the back look. Also, there is a little beauty mark on the edge of the collar bone - yeeesh so sexy! She's zesty and sultry and everything I want in a skin. All of Rebeca Dembo's skins are sexy, done right!


This skin comes with 3 cup size tattoo optons and 8 lipstick options. Tone fatpacks include blond and black hair-bases with 6 makeup options. The makeup options are below:

Alizee - Make Ups
Smokey, Pink, Natural, Lila, Green and Blue

Skin from CandyDoll - Alizee - Tan
Lingerie from CandyDoll - Lazy Lingerie - Blue
Hair from DURA - Hair 01 - Type2 - Brown
Earrings from TFG - Gift Group 10th Edition
Ring from Shade Throne - Cross Piece Ring (Group Gift)
Shoes from vive9 - Pelaje Pumps - Sky
Poses from .Tea

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