Sunday, June 5, 2011

She'll wait for you...


In world picture taken at L2 STUDIO - South Austin House
Pose used [LAP] - 1/365 (OLD FLF)

She'll wait for him...
Hold her breathe while she sits by the window.
When he doesn't show, she'll dry her own tears.
Then, she'll wait for her heart to stop caring.
She'll wait...


Pose used [ILAYA] - Girl 5

NEW STUFF!! WOOHOO! After too much soju I logged into SL a wee bit hung over. My mood was instantly improved. New stuff from Boom and Shag. Boom's new crochet vest is awesome. It comes in so many different colours. I honestly had the hardest time deciding which colour to get. I think I'm going to need to go back for a few more colours.


Shag's new hair "There She Goes" is fantastic! I really love this style, and it was the perfect fit when I put it on. I didn't even have to resize - what more could I ask for?! This hair is only available at the CHIC Birthday Venue. Make sure you head down there because there are loads of other stuff, too.


I've used this purse from LpD before, but it comes in a few different colours so it's always seems new to me. It comes with a shoulder and a half option. ;) I got my shirt from a gacha machine that I played literally five times. haha I really wanted to get the rare tank, but of course it wasn't meant to be. These shoes from Ingenue are so cute. I love flats and Ingenue has managed to put a new twist on the classic flat. This is another product I need more colours of.

Skin from -CD- Sabrina - Tan
Hair from [Shag] - There She Goes - toffee
Earrings from +>A&A<+ Spacer Earring - Leo
Necklace from miel - FRIENDO necklace
Bracelet from *LC* - Jasmine Bracelets - Blue/Teal (AD)
Vest from *BOOM* crochet vest - cornflower
Shirt from Willow - Striped Tank- Yellow Stripes
Skirt from =Zenith= - summer short jeans skirt & Belt
Shoes from Ingenue - Bridget Flats - Pool (FLF)
Addtional poses from {.:exposeur:.} - Top Model - Spring '11 Intros

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