Saturday, June 4, 2011

Behind the Curtain with Dailyn Holfe

I've always been impressed with Dailyn Holfe of Daily[n] News and her ability to put together effortlessly fabulous outfits. She has this way of making everything she wears look smart, modern and super swanky! She's recognized not only for her talent to style but her creative flair in photography.

I remember when Dailyn first started blogging. I've followed her blog from the beginning and her journey has been one that every blogger hopes for. She has turned her blog into a portfolio for her photography and a calling card for designers looking for someone to showcase their products in a new and original way. One thing I've always loved about Dailyn is that she's super modest. Despite the success she's had she remains extremely grounded and easy going. She was shocked that I approached her for the interview but as one of my personal fashion icons how could I resist a chance to take a peak at her haven.


I was excited when Dailyn let me snap pictures of her abode. It's truly amazing! She's done such a fantastic job decorating and making everything look homey and charming. She even has a garden house complete with a graveyard. It's so neat!!!! She pays so much attention to detail which makes her house feel realistic. I def took some ideas to use on my own home.

Here's our interview:

Temperance: This house is great, where is it from?

Dailyn: It's from ::Selfish::, a tiny little store. It's one of two builds available there, but they're both so pretty!


Temp: When you look for homes in sl what is the most important feature for you?

Dailyn: I just need to love it! If it's not a gazillion prims, and leaves me enough to decorate it, then I'm sold!

Temp: What is favorite store that you find yourself going back to when you're decorating a new place?

Dailyn: I don't think I can name just one :) The Loft, What Next, LISP and Art Dummy are equally repeat offenders of drastically reducing my linden balance.


Temp: What inpsires your decorating?

Dailyn: Better bloggers than I! Quite a few parts of this house are shamelessly stolen from Randy Roo's amazing blog post. Vittoria Hancroft, one of my best friends, also has amazing taste in decor so I regularly steal her taste and landmarks.

Temp: What's your favourite piece in your home?

Dailyn: I really love the couch. It's from Awesome Blossom. I love that it's so cozy you wouldn't be afraid if you spilled a bit of wine on it...and the poses in it are great!!

Temp: Okay... now my favourite question. Three fashion accessories you can't live without?

Dailyn: The Water over Wine Ring from Paper Couture. BabyT shoes from Pixel Mode and Kyoot Cateye liner.

Temp: What's your fashion pet-peeve?

Dailyn: I don't think I have one. Unless you count animals dressed as

Temp: Favourite fashion season?

Dailyn: Autumn! When you can start layering up tops and cute cardigans and scarves. I'm very much a home body and love to be cozy in RL, so Autumn suits that perfectly.


Temp: Advice for someone who wants to spice up or update their SL wardrobes?

Dailyn: Oh lots of blogs/fashion feeds, or perv around in Flickr and see what suits your style?


Temp: I have one last one question. What is your biggest achievement in your blogger career thus far?

Dailyn: I was girly squeel level of excited when Nena Janus asked if she could use a couple of my pictures of Sia, in her skin expo yes, that! :D


Dai's Style card

Outfit 1 - (yellow tee)
Skin - Glam Affair
Hair - Shag
Tshirt - NSD
Cardigan - NSD
Jeans - Mon Tissu
Shoes - Miel

Outfit 2 - (in the studio)
Hair - Maitreya
Top - Whippet & Buck
Jeans - Mon Tissu
Shoes - TokiD

Outfit 3 - (Posing w/ Me)
Hair - LeLutka
Blazer - Airflow
Tee - Fri'day
Shorts - Tres Blah
Shoes - Pixel Mode

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