Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I feel stupid and contagious

Grunge Love

Remember grunge? It was that time when music became distorted and punkie. Whenever that word comes up my mind goes directly to music. Perhaps because that era of fashion was sorta ignored and forgotten about as it's considered a mishap in fashion. But, it was a time when being unkempt and grungy was hot. LOL.

I wasn't old enough to really appreciate the grunge era but looking back I can def say "whoa". Gotta miss those plaid shirts wrapped around the waist and ripped, baggy jeans. I don't think I could have ever been a success grunge dresser. Although, I really wish I'd been a Nirvana child.

I decided to make an attempt at a grunge look. And I know, it's not very grungy! What can I say?! I'm featuring a few projects from the Grunge Soul Project. I picked up this outfit and a skin. The skin is from CandyDoll and only 100L$!!!!!! This event is going to be happening for the next two - three weeks so make sure you go for a visit before all these grunge goodies are gone.


Poses from Nox. - THis is a shark attack & Supastylin
Hair from TRUTH - Christina - chocolate
Tats from milfy - Luv (sic) 2
Skin from CandyDoll - Alizee (GSP) - only 100L$
Lip ring from (Medley) - Shadow Piercings - LipRing L
Skirt & Top from [S] - IluvNy outfit (GSP)
Tights from MuNiQuE - Hole Leggins Black (GSP)
Shoes from League - Shin Boots

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