Monday, May 9, 2011

Isabelle & Sabrina

CandyDoll has been my "go to" skin lately. I haven't been able to take off Lilly so naturally I was ubber excited to see two skins being featured at Culture Shock. Sabrina and Isabelle are stunning and super cute.


Sabrina is a very soft looking skin. I really liked how it looked in pale. I added a beauty mark from L.Fauna to compliment it. I especially love the eye liner.


Isabelle has super dark eyeshadow. I really love it. Both skins come with four different breast options:


Make sure you head down to CandyDoll at Culture Shock for a demo of these beautiful skins!

Sabrina Outfit

Skin from -CD- Sabrina - Pale (CULTURE SHOCK)
Hair from [e] About - Blonde 10
Beauty mark from L.Fauna - Beautymark - Bayonetta
Cardi from Pig - Sing Sing (Old Group Gift)
Lingerie from *CUPCAKES - Ruffly Lingerie - Teal
Shoes from [e] Move Pumps - Teal

Isabelle Outfit

Skin from -CD- Isabelle - Tan (CULTURE SHOCK)
Eyes from -CD- Sweet Blue Eyes (CULTURE SHOCK)
Hair from Maitreya - Lotte - Cacao
Necklace from *League* Kandula Necklace -Silver
Bracelet from {Zaara} - Nizam Choodiya (bangles) - gold & white
Jacket from Izzie's - Velvet Blazer - White (CULTURE SHOCK)
Linegerie from *CUPCAKES - Fancy Lacy Stuff - Striped
Shoes from C'est Moi! - my Basic pumps - white

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