Monday, May 16, 2011



I'm going to be bold and say that I think Christiane might be my favourite release from Rebeca Dembo of CandyDoll. Christiane is an awesome sultry lip and rosy cheeks skin. She's brand new so make sure you head down to -CD- for a demo. There are many different skin tones to try, but I'm wearing Tan (my favourite)! The skin also comes with a lighter brow option, so if you want to be different hair colours it'll work with any shade.

I'm wearing the brand new jacket from "So Many Styles" and hair from [6 9]. Both are awesome and things that I will be posting about again!


My favourite part of this skin are the lips. The top lip to be exact. I love the pout. This skin comes with a tattoo layer so you can get rid of the teeth - but really... with a super pout like that? Why would you mess with something that beautiful?

Christiane - MakeUps

Fat packs come with 6 Makeup Options + 6 Different Lipstick Options (No Teeth opt included)

Poses from [LAP]
Hair from [ 69 ] - JESSICA 02 - Dark Sandy Blonde
Skin from -CD- Christiane Tan
Jacket from {SMS} Boyfriend's Blazer Floral Beige
Lingerie from Pig - Crystal Canyon Ivory

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