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Behind the Curtains with Anne Dakun

Anne Dakun - Title

Saucy! It’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Anne Dakun of Suicide Cabinet. She is a saucy, spicy, sophisticated fashionista and one of the sharpest dressed ladies in Secondlife. Her sense of style is flawless and she has a way of putting pieces together in such a voguish way. You can tell she has an innate sense of style and that might be because of her Spanish roots. Her looks are always sexy and luxurious. Which is exactly why I can’t get enough of her blog. I was very eager to see what her home had in store…

Anne Dakun's House1

When I first arrived at Anne’s house I was excited to see bright teal skies and honey coloured sand. Anne is clearly a beach lover. Her house is white terracotta and she tells me she’s done some retexturing to the house herself. The outside of the house is very well decorated to keep with the beach theme. Her interior decorations are bright and fun. Her walls are covered with pictures of friends. She has a huge picture in her living room… She’s posing with Nuria Augapfel (owner of N-Core). I’m a bit intimidated. But I soon learn like her house, Anne is funny and easy going. She hasn’t stuffed her home with furniture; it’s all-minimal! it’s clean and crisp with lots of room to breathe.

Anne Dakun's House2

She was dressed in the fabulous Maitreya sock sandals, a black Armindi dress, and jet black hair. True to her blogger taste she wore an array of accessories. This was the first of four outfits...

Anne Dakun - Outfit One

We settled into her open space home and started to get into the good stuff:

Temperance: What would you call your home style?

Anne: I think my home reflects my closet, because there is a bit of each style. I like to mix different trends, especially the minimalist & lounge, with some details of chic, boho or vintage. According to my mood and at different times of year, I change these small details.

Temperance: What inspires your decorating?

Anne: When I decorate my house, I always listen to chilled out music. Because what you feel when you listen to this music is what I want you to feel at my home: relaxed. I do not like the houses full of furniture, and I love the white color and the rooms spacious and clean. For me, my house is a place of relaxation, alone or with friends. If you want to party or hustle, better stay away from home.

Anne Dakun - Outfit Two

Temperance: Do you spend a lot of time in your home?

Anne: Whenever I can I'm home. In addition, my work in Second Life is based in fashion, so as I spent almost all day working at home, opening boxes and trying on new clothes to create new sets for my blog. Besides it’s a great place for me to entertain. That's right: I'm hardly ever alone, my best friends Dana Adasia and Sookie Yiwama spend lot of time with me doing what I do, hehe.

Anne Dakun Line1

Temperance: Where is this house from? Why did you pick it?

Anne: I bought this house in a store called Attitude, but I have re-textured all the walls and floors, and I changed all the furniture, so the house looks nothing like the original house. The principal reason for which I chose this house is because it is white. The design is wide and the rooms are shared and open. I do not like the houses with thousand of rooms.

Temperance: What's your favourite piece in your home?

Anne: I like everything. Probably my favorite zone is the living room or the bedroom. Maybe the living room.

Anne Dakun - Outfit Three

Temperance: Why did you start blogging?

Anne: I always was looking at blogs and buying everything I liked. I was trying to imitate looks of other bloggers. One day I was petrified looking at my inventory, and I thought: "I have too many clothes. Why do I not do a blog and at least I show it? So I opened an account in wordpress, and I started publishing my clothes, but it was simply a hobby. Now I take it as a job.

Temperance: So, besides blogging... what else do you do with your SL time?

Anne: I like shopping, going to parties with my friends, being at home with them, watching videos, meeting people from other countries ... but If I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my friends, they are the best thing I have here :) specially my best friends Babs Draconia, Dana Adasia, or Sookie Yiwama :P

Anne Dakun Line2

Temperance: Favourite hairstyle? Or hair designer?

Anne: You put me in a squeeze with this question. LOL! There are many designers of hair that I am charmed with. For example Truth, Lelutka, Maitreya or Milana.

Temperance: Three fashion accessories you can't live without?

Anne: Bags, rings and bangles, no doubt!

Temperance: What's your fashion pet-peeve?

Anne: I hate face-lights, giant tattoos (specially if they are black) and the tongues. You'll never see me wearing any of this. LOL!

Temperance: What advice can you give to all the budding fashionistas out there on the grid?

Anne: Well, I'm not the best person to give advice because the only thing I do is to unleash my imagination, hehe. I think we should always seek innovation, not stagnation. Nor always wear the same colors. I think that the more variation of colors you have in your inventory, the better. I also think we have to try different styles, since it will all look good if worn with style. Another "tip". If you do not have many clothes, just use accessories. The accessories make the clothes look different. I also believe that hair is important. Depending on the type of hair that you wear, a set of clothes can look very different. And that's all! Thank you very much Temperance! xoxo.

Temperance: Thank you Anne! hugs

Anne Dakun Line3

Anne's Outfits

*First Outfit:

Hair: [Detour] Kaeli - Black. By: Keri Clip.

Bracelet: Shade Throne. ONE POUND BRACELET (hand attachment) gold bake. By: Undo Hermano. Rings: LaGyo_Shield rings silver/black. By: Gyorgyna Larnia. Dress: Armidi Limited - Keiko Tunic Dress [Black]. By: Adian Armidi. Bangles: Zaara : kaya onyx bracelet *silver*. By: Zaara Kohime. Necklace: LaGyo_Impune necklace silver/white. By: Gyorgyna Larnia. Socks & Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Moxie Coal. By: Onyx LeShelle.


*Second Outfit:

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Ema" (Onyx). By: Marisa Kira. Necklace: (NHA!) - Nancitta/Pearl Necklace. By: Kyrha Bouscario. Earrings: (NHA!) -Alexa /-Earrings. By: Kyrha Bouscario. Shirt: Tahari-Olivia Tee Floral. By: Colette Claire. Pants: Emery - Denim Highwaisted Debby [Latte]. By: Sunami Beck. Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Allure-Tights Nude. By: Onyx LeShelle.


*Third Outfit:

Hair: Maitreya Jordyn - Pitch. By: Onyx LeShelle. Earrings: (NHA!) -Ditta/-Earrings. By: Kyrha Bouscario. Necklace: (NHA!) - Ditta/ -Necklace. By: Kyrha Bouscario. Belt: N-core Braided Belt "Black-Silver". By: Claire Messenger. Undershirt: *Crazy* Debbie Dress. By: Ioan Jogiches. Jacket: [PO] Jacob's Blazer Black. By: London Dailey. Bag: LaGyo_Leather tote bag black. By: Gyorgyna Larnia. Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts - Dark. By: Emma Gilmour. Tights: [ Attitudes ] lace pantyhose - black. By: Samia Bechir. Boots: Maitreya Gold * Shearling Boots Black. By: Onyx LeShelle.


*Fourth Outfit:

Hair: Maitreya Lara II - Pitch. By: Onyx LeShelle. Scarf: {mon tissu} Infinity Scarf / Chest - Cream. By: Anouk Spot. Ring: Zaara : Raga oyster ring *black pearl* (gold). By: Zaara Kohime. Bangles: Emery - Square Bangle Multiple #Pure. By: Sunami Beck. Undershirt: jane.intrinsic.tank.bl. By: Janie Marlowe. Shirt: [N'soul] Shirt Sarah - White. By: Nicol Yoshikawa. Pants: "NINIKO"RollupJeanes(Blue). By: Kae Sahara. Sneakers: V Electro Sneakers V.1. By: Van Naimarc. Makeup: {Fright} Kiss & Tell Lipgloss //Candy. By: Julep Mixemup.



Hair: [LeLutka]-SJ hair - Overcooked. By: Thora Charron. Glasses: ***ArisAris Glasses Black and flowers. By: Ariadna Garrigus. Jacket: *BOOM* Park Life Hoodie -White- Hood. By: Aranel Ah. Shirt: {mon tissu} Lollia Tank Top - Striped Buds. By: Anouk Spot. Pants: {mon tissu} F / Balcon Lounge Pants ~ Cream. By: Elie Spot. Socks: Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks. By: Onyx LeShelle. Doll: A present from my friend Sookie. By: Toraji Voom.

Poses used: Behavior Body & .synt.

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  1. I was eager to see the interview! It was a pleasure to enjoy this time with you. You are very kind! I laughed and I had fun with you! It seemed as if we had known all our lives. You have treated me very well, and I love how you have captured everything! I do not recognize in your words! LOL! Thank you very much for everything. I'm anxious to see the other interviews! A big hug, and thanks for everything again! Love, anne Dakun. xoxoxoxoxo!