Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ladies Night

My friends and I were long overdue for a ladies night. I was so eager to spend time with them that I completely over looked that fact that they wanted to go to karaoke. I despise karaoke.


They managed to drag me onto the stage and I didn't know whether to run, scream of drop dead of stag fright. Needless to say my first attempt bombed. My friends tried a completely different tactic after seeing my utter disgust of singing in public.


While they took turns singing on stage they buttered me up with some booze. By the third or fourth shot of tequila I had the liquid courage I needed.


I sung my little heart out to "You Oughta Know". It's true that singing really helps you battle your emotions. ;)


I had a little smile by the end of my song.


I even sang a duet with Kae. She sounded great, but I'm pretty sure I'm totally tone deaf.


It was a fantastic evening. Thanks ladies!!! xox

Hair from [e] - Abbey - Brown 08 by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Skin from Izzie's - Beth Skin - Sunkissed by Izzie Button (NEW)
Eyes from IKON - Utopia Eyes - Pale Mint+ Gold (March gift) by Ikon Innovia
Eye lashes from from Izzie's - 1.08 by Izzie Button
Jacket from AOHARU - No Collar Leather JK - Brown by machang Pichot
Necklace from Yummy - 50L Coin Necklace by Polyester Partridge
Earrings from bellballs - Victorian Cross - Black by Viollette Vyper
Bracelet from Ha! - Leather Cuff - black by Trixi Wuyts
Ring from NHA! - Noha Ring by kyrha Bouscario
Dress from Hucci - Gila Dress - Midnight by Eboni Khan
Shoes from MIEL - Dandy Boots - Flor by Miel Nirvana
Pose from label motion - Caroline by Anne Dukan
Group pose from Glitterati - Pretty Women by Katey Coppola

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