Monday, September 3, 2012

The Truth of it!

Temperance Seerose
Picture by Kaelyn Alecto

Today, I was asked by my close friend Kae what my favourite Truth hairstyle was. She's making a huge collection of people's fave Truth styles and their birthday wishes for him. Well, despite owning copious amounts of Truth hair one popped up right away. It was Makenzie. I adore this style, the poof-ed pulled back bangs, the long front pieces. I WANT IT TO BE MESH (WINKS). I'll cross my fingers and hope that Truth reads this. haha.

I've been cleaning out my inventory lately, making room for the new mesh products. When I came to my hair folder I got rid of tons and tons of old styles. However, the one store I couldn't delete was Truth. No matter how old Truth styles are, they're timeless and they're never really out of style. 

Wishing Truth a happy happy birthday!!!

Hair - Truth - Makenzie
Skin - Iren - Janine
Lips - Izzie's - Eliza Skin - Nude Rose
Eyes - IKON - sunrise eyes - Bleached Gold

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