Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick
You know it's go-time when a woman puts on red lipstick. I really love the dramatic effect of a dark lip colour, and LiSse's lipsticks are no exception. I am wearing Lisse's (formely Mamboo Chic) Melina in the honey tone by Leona Olivieri. I love how exotic this skin is, and how much richness there is in this particular skin tone. I've been wearing it for days eagerly awaiting Lisse's new release.
Also, very excited to be wearing one of Lamb's hair styles from this year's Hair Fair. I love the way this hair style flows and I especially love the texture.
Red Lipstick 2
Izzie has out a brand new line of eyes called "Deep dark eyes", and well these eyes are deep and dark. They come in ten different colours and are meant to be worn with dark skin tones. Read more on Izzie's blog.
I have to say that since mesh came out Ricielli is one of the stores at the top of my mesh clothing list. I have been a huge fan of all their releases. I ended up walking around the sim and stumbled across a hunt. It feels like there is always a hunt going on there, and that's fine by me. I picked up this beautiful strapless dress for L$15. I paired them up with my favourite N-cores. I stopped by Je Suis because there is a moving sale happening. Most of their items are marked down, so now is the time to stock up on jewellery.
'Til next time... happy shopping!
Red Lipstick - Layout
Poses from Izzie's - Headshot Poses by Izzie Button
Poses from label motion - Noel by Anne Dakun
Hair from lamb - Blue Velvet (HAIR FAIR) - Kit Kat by Lamb Bellic
Skin from LiSse - Melina - Honey by Leona Olivieri
Eyes from Izzie's - Deep Dark Eyes - Blue by Izzie Button (NEW)
Makeup from LiSse  - Melina - My lipstick 007 by Leona Olivieri
Jewellery from je suis - Brillante Jewelry Collection - Browns by Julia Merosi
Dress from Ricielli - Valentines Gorgeous Minidress (HUNT) by Fhara Acacia
Shoes from N-core - COQUETTE by Claire Messenger [/toggle]

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